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24. 05. 2018
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Maraka: Maraka planets are those which possess the powers of inflicting death in their period or sub-periods.

They are as under:-

1. Lord of 2nd or 7th is a maraka. 2nd lord is stronger than 7th.

2. Malefic occupants of 2nd or 7th are marakas.

3. Malefic planets conjunct with these lords are marakas,.

4. Lord of 3rd or 8th having sambandha with 2nd or 7th lord become maraka.

5. Saturn in association with a maraka become a maraka.

6. 12th lord becomes maraka if associated with or aspected by the 2nd lord. The sub-period of 2nd lord in the main period of 12th lord becomes maraka.

7. The sub-periods of the planets posited in 12th and / or aspected by 12th lord become maraka in the main period of 2nd lord, or of 12th lord.

8. The sub-periods of the planets posited in the 2nd who are associated with 12th lord become maraka in the main period of 2nd lord or 12th lord.

9. The marakas in ascending orders are 12th, 3rd, 8th, 7th and 2nd.

10. The occupants and lords of 6th and 11th are treated as 2nd grade killers.

11. Death may occur in the dasa/antardasa of lords of 8th & 12th if they are weak.

12. Lagnesh becomes markesh in its dasa/antardasa.

(i) for Libra and Capricorn ascendants;

(ii) If lagnesh is in 6th or 8th house, with not a single benefic bindus in the ashtakvarga of rasi containing lagnesh,

(iii) If neecha lagnesh is in 8th or 12th house with malefics in lagna.

13. Death may occur in dasas or bhukti of following planets if these periods operate at a stage after ascertaining the span of life as short, medium or long.

Main period of:      Sub-period of:

1. 8th lord            8th lord

ii. 6th lord            8th lord

iii. 8th lord            malefic in 6

iv. 6th lord            malefic in 8

v. 8th lord          a)Planets conjunct 6th lord;

                        b) Planets aspected by 8th lord.

vi. Malefic in 8th      6th lord

vii. Malefic in         6th 8th lord.

viii. Malefic in 8thbsp;       Malefic occupant of 6th.

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