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18. 11. 2018
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Planetary Combinations for Late Marriage in Horoscope

61. Ketu in 7th does not favour early marriage if not aspected by Asc. lord or a strong benefics. It gives poor in-laws, marriage will also not be a pleasure as they will be shouting at each other frequently.

62. Lord of the 3rd house placed in 8th house with 8th lord may delay the marriage to any extent. Marriage will also not be a happy running. Readers may refer to birth chart given at Sr. No. 17. Her 3rd lord Venus is in 8th house, of course in own sign, Libra, but with Mars and in between malefics.

63. Uranus occupying 7th house is also reported to cause delay or it may even be denied after finalization.

64. Venus placed in 7th house from that occupied by Moon and its dispositor (i.e. lord of sign occupied by Venus), is placed in 11th house, gives late marriage.

65. Ascendant Lord, along with Venus joins 8th lord in 8th house it self, causes late marriage.

66. Venus in 3rd house, whereas Rahu occupying 2nd house.

67. Venus with a malefic planet placed in 2nd house and 7th lord occupying 5th or 9th house also joined or aspected by malefic planet may delay beyond 30 years even.

68. 7th lord placed in 12th house gives late marriage and in many cases this placement indicate more than one marriages, but is one of the strongest factors causing foreign journey also, either through marriage with some one in distant land or going abroad after marriage.

69. Malefics occupying 6th & 8th houses either from Asc. or from Moon or in Navamsa chart, indicate delay and not happy married life.

70. Venus occupying 4th house and Moon in 6th or 8th house is also not a favourable placement from marriage point of view.

71. Venus in 6th, 8th or 12th house and 2nd and 7th lords affected by malefics delays marriage.

72. Rahu joining Venus in Ascendant and Mars occupying 7th house. Mars in 7th house is neither good for timely marriage nor for marital life, unless Mars is Ascendant lord or Yoga Karka and benefic for the chart. When Rahu is in Ascendant, Ketu will automatically occupy 7th with Mars in this case and two strong malifics i.e. Mars & Ketu are a signal of danger or even of disaster unless some strong benefic influence is capable of nullifying or neutralizing their influence.

73. 5th is in the house of love and attachment. Presence of 8th lord in 5th will have adverse effect on emotions or attachment and may delay.

74. Sun and Saturn placed opposite to each other, may delay or deny the marriage when either of them has any connection with 7th house or 7th lord. This combination exists in the birth chart of Abhishek Bachchan, who was 32 years old, when he married Aishwariya Rai in 2007.

75. Venus when placed either in sign of Mars (i.e. Aries or Scorpio) or that of Saturn (Capricorn or Aquarious) will delay the marriage unless Mar or Saturn involved here through their signs, is either Ascendant lord or benefics otherwise being Yogakarka etc.

76. Venus placed in 5th house, aspected by Saturn causes delay up to 35 yeas.

77. Saturn influencing 7th house or 7th lord or Venus in Gent's chart delays the marriage. But in lady's chart, a weak or debilited Saturn may either delay deny or create problems. In case of chart given in example 2-2 Saturn (debilited) aspects 7th lord Venus, did not delay but created problem and she became widow within 5years of marriage.

78. Rahu in similar position as Saturn (above) and if aspected by malific planets e.g. Mars or Saturn will create problem.

79. As per Brihat Parasari Hora, 8th lord with Mars and Venus placed in 7th from 8th house (i.e. in 2- nd) marriage may take place in 22nd year or else delayed upto 27 years.

80. Rahu in 9th from 9th house (i.e. in 5th) may delay upto 31 years.

81. 7th lord in 9th and the 9th lord in 3rd may- delay upto 27 years or even beyond that upto 31 years.

82. Saturn aspecting Venus in 5th house, may delay upto 35 years. Aspect of benefics planets may cut short the delay or avoid denial.

83. Venus when placed in its own sign Taurus, though capable of bestowing favour in many respect, but it can delay the marriage according to Western System as reported by Julia & Parker in their famous book. However Venus in this position qives good attachment among the partners and many blessings 84. Sun in 7th house in sign or Navamsa of Mars, late marriage.

85. In short, in the absence of strong benefic influence, the

a) Influence of Saturn on 7th house and/or 7th lord or even on Venus can delay

b) Affliction of either 2nd, or 7th house and also that of Venus, the Karka, can cause delay

c) Mars giving rise to Kujadosha or Mangali-Dosha easily delays it and if Saturn or Rahu also get involved, it is sure to be late.

86. Weak or afflicted Rahu (or badly aspected one) if either in 7th or 9th house in ladies chart gives late marriage.

87. 2n(l lord in Dusthana, specially in 12th and if in retrograde motion also may delay marriage.

88. Moon or Sun in stars of Saturn (Pushya Anuradha Ultra -Bhadra) and aspected also by Saturn - delays it.

89. 3rd lord in 8th house with 8th lord delays.

90. Moon in 7th house adversely aspected by malefics may make one marry late say at 38 or even beyond unless Moon is exalted in 7th house, which otherwise makes one lucky after marriage.

91. Venus in 4th house, Mercury in 6th may get a spouse after 34 years.

92. Mars in the 5th house in birth Chart of a lady delays marriage.

93. Venus afflicted in Leo- indicates a women-hater who may not like to marry in Time.

94. Moon or Venus in either Gemini, Leo, Virgo or Aries or Capricorn and afflieted by Saturn-marriage may not take place in time.

95. Neptune squares Moon in male's chart or it squares Sun in female's Chart there is problem in settleing marriage or engagement may be broken, so delaying marriage.

96. Affliction to 2nd house (Kutumbsthan), 7th (Kalatrasthan), their lords and the Karka Venus leads to delay.

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