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21. 05. 2018
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Moon-sign and lagna of the prospective life-partner

1. The sign or navamsa occupied by the lord of the lagna or the 7th lord can be the lagna or the Moon-sign of the spouse.
2. The ascendant of the native can be the ascendant of the spouse.
3. The sign on the 7th house may be the ascendant of the spouse.
4. Compare the strength of the 7th lord and Venus, the sign occupied by the stronger one may become the lagna or Moon-sign of the spouse.
5. The triangular or the 7th sign from the sign or navamsa occupied by the lord of the lagna or 7th house.
6. The sign where the maximum favourable points fall in chandrastakvarga or sarvastakvarga may become the lagna or Moon-sign of the spouse.
7. Add the longitudes of the lagnesh & Venus (of male chart), the resultant can be the Moon sign of the wife.
8. Add the longitudes of lagnesh and 7th lord, the resultant can be Moon sign of wife.
9. It may be exaltation/debilitation rasi of lords of 1st and 7th.
10. The dwadasamsa position of Moon in one chart can be the Moon sign of other.
11. 7th sign from 7th lord or 7th sign from sign where Venus is posited in husband's horoscope.
If a relation exists between the boy's 7th lord and the girl s 7 th lord by conjunction or mutual aspect, the pair gets married

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