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26. 04. 2018
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Marriage & Married Life

Marriages are made in heaven and are celebrated on earth. There are certain things which are there in everyones mind like,
When will I get married?
How would be my married life ?
How would be my spouse ?
Do I have early or late marriage ?

We have Astroshastra tried to present the planetary combinations in horoscope responsible for early or late marriage , happy married life or strangled one.

Relevant houses and planets:

2nd house: Family-its growth and expansion.

4th house: Domestichappiness, comforts.

5th house: Children, love affairs.

7th house: Husband/wife; marriage, married life.

8th house: Sowmangalaya (female horoscope).

12th house: Bed comforts.

Venus: Karaka of wife, marriage, sex, governs eroticism.

Jupiter: Karaka of husband.

Mars: Karaka of husband, marital knot, sex.

There are certain planetary configuration in horoscope which identifies

Only One Marriage as per horoscope

Houses Governing Different Marriages as per horoscope

More Than One Marriages as per horoscope

Time for Divorce In the Horoscope

Separation In the Horoscope

Unconventional Marriage In the Horoscope

Late Marriage as per horoscope

Effects of planet Venus on married life by its position in following sign

Venus in conjunction with other planets

Combinations for happy married life

Luck after marriage, Henpacked, Wife and Wife Death

Effect of navamsa on marriage, Intercaste, Devoted to Husband and Acquisition

Combinations showing beauty/complexion of wife

Temperament and character of marriage partner

Marriage - when?

Combinations for divorce/separation

Moon-sign and lagna of the prospective life-partner

Combinations for love marriage

Combinations which mar matrimonial happiness

Combinations for delayed marriage/denial of marriage

Combinations for more than one marriage/affairs

Combinations for early marriage

Combinations for happy married life

Effects of planet Venus on married life, Venus in conjunction with other planets and Result of Venus in various houses

Get your horoscope analzed for all your married life queries, Ask us now

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