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21. 05. 2018
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Venus in conjunction with other planets:

Venus-Sun-:Native sexually active, wife of a noble birth or has a royal tinge in her personality.

Venus-Moon-: Wife from a higher social status, she may be inconsistent.

Venus-Mars-: Native is sexy and wife is haughty and of youthful appearance.

Venus-Mercury-: Wife intelligent, gentle and young in appearance, native's talks and thinking coloured with sex, fond of obscene literature.

Venus-Jupiter-: Wife virtuous beautiful chaste and begetting good sons. Native will not trespass against moral codes of wedlock.

Venus-Saturn-: A sober wife and the native enjoys a good conjugal felicity. If afflicted, wife is bad tempered.

Venus-Rahu-: Unsuccessful secret love affairs. Ven-Kethu- Hypersensitivity in sexual matters.

Venus-Kethu-: Hypersensitivity in sexual matters.

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