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24. 05. 2018
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Planetry Combination of diseases of genital organs

1. 6th lord with Mars unaspected by any benefic.

2. Moon and Saturn in Cancer sign or Scorpio navamsa.

3. 3rd or more malefics in 8th.

4. Lagna lord and Mars in 6th or with Mercury.

5. Venus and Sun in 6th.

6. Mars and Venus in one house and afflicted.

7. Mars and Venus in 7th.

8. Mercury in lagna with lord of 6th and 8th.

9. 6th lord in lagna with malefic Venus.

10. 8th lord with Moon aspected by Rahu.

11. Dispositor of 8th lord is with Moon aspected by Rahu.

12. Lagna lord in Gemini or Virgo coinciding with 6th house and aspected by Mercury.

13. Lagna lord and 7th lord in 8th.

14. Mars, Saturn or Rahu in 7th.

15. 8th lord in lagna and Moon afflicted.

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