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24. 05. 2018
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Role of Planets, Signs and houses for stomach diseases

i. The portion below stomach is known as bowels;

ii. Virgo sign, 6th house is its seat.

iii. Sun is significator of bowels.

iv. Leo sign & 5th house be also considered as both are linked with diseases connecting abdomen;

v. Kethu causes pains;

vi. Mars, Mercury causes ulcers;

vii. Rahu gives irrecoverable illness;

viii. For gastritis add Venus planet of digestion, nausea, indigestion etc.;

ix. In cases of dropsy (odema, i.e. excessive fluid & swelling), role of wateiy signs & watery planets Venus & Moon is seen;

x. Lagnesh, lagna & Sun are other factors to be considered in dropsy.

xi. In colic (stomachache) Sun, Saturn, Kethu, sign Virgo & 6th house are seen.

Combinations of colic

Combinations of dropsy (collection of fluid)

Combinations of ulcers

Combinations of Haematemesis, Amoebiasis and Indigestion

Combinations of Diarrhea or vomiting,Dysentery and Plague

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