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21. 05. 2018
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Time of fructification of results of 10th House

Important factors; (1) Lord of 10th house, (2) Planet aspecting 10th house. (3) Planets aspecting 10th lord,(4) Planets in association of 10th house and (5) 10th lord from Moon. These factors may influence 10th house during the sub period or main period of planets aspecting 10th house. In such a situation the results would be excellent.

In case the sub period lords influencing 10th house are there but planet of main period does not aspect 10th house, the result would be of less significant. Sub period and main period lords not influencing 10th house, would not be helpful in fructifying the results of the 10th house.

Fruitation when: Generally throughout the life but more so in the main period/sub peroid of the planets influencing the 10th as mentioned above. Star lord of yoga karaka in its dasa gives rise in career provided it is placed in a kendra/kona.

Sun controls medicine, Mars controls surgery. Ashwini, aslesha, moola control medicine. If lord of 4th is in 10th it gives proficiency in medicines. Medical profession if Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius occurs as the 10th of the lagna or Moon.

10th house governs profession {karma), 8th represents career. Both 10th and 8th complement each other.

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