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24. 05. 2018
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Navigation, Arms and Press, publicity and newspaper editing

Navigation and ship building: - Sign Pisces is associated with the sea and sign Sagittarius with long journeys and voyages. One should look to Jupiter for success as a navigator. Watery signs as well as Moon also should figure in connection with the meridian or the 6th house. Venus is also considered as a watery planet. Shipbuilders are necessarily engineers and one could expect Mars to be prominent here and if the signs Pisces and Virgo are also important, the latter sign figures on the commercial side of shipping business. Engineering involves Mercury.

Arms and ammunition: - Mars is the planet in this connection as also sign Aries.

Iron and steel work: - Dhatu rasis are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Sun, Saturn, Mars

and Rahu are considered dhatu grahas. When there is connection of 10th house with a dhatu rasi and a dhatu graha, one deals in iron and steel.

Arms and forestry: - The 4th house and Mercury denote gardening generally but in the' former case the influence of Venus should be more prominent. Mars also found plays a part where the native owns or maintains extensive gardens.

Press, publicity and newspaper editing: - Mercury and Jupiter are the planets associated with this kind of activity; Mercury is concerned more with the collection of news, journalism, circulation of news and Jupiter with the business of editing.

Motor & transport: - Motor engine makers come under Mars & Aries. Coachbuilders would come under Jupiter and Venus. Transport side alone comes under Mercury.

Dairy and veterinary department: - Sun, Venus & Jupiter are the planets concerned. Cattle comes under Sun. Jupiter signifies big cattle. Sun in 10th either from lagna or from karakamsa and aspected by Jupiter gives dairying. For veterinary doctors, Mars and Jupiter would be prominent. Aries concerned with veterinary surgeons.

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