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21. 11. 2018
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Profession In Drwaing, Gambling, Property and Engineers etc.

Excise department: - Mars (Aries), and Mercury (especially 2nd decanate of Gemini) cover the activities of this department.

Mesmerism and hypnotism: - Mars, Saturn and Mercury are the planets to be looked. It is a game of the mind (Mercury) directed by will power (Mars and Saturn).

Rahu governs magic and mesmerism. If he occupies the 10th house or aspects it, we can say that his earnings are through magic or mesmerism.

magic: -Venus and mercury Snould br poweful 'magic'. Tne term "includes tne black arts indulged in with the help of evil spirits for which Rahu and Saturn are responsible. If the 5th and 9th from karakamsa are occupied by evil planets the person becomes a magician and will be able to exercise devils and evil spirits.

Clairvoyance: - Sign Pisces and Venus are concerned with this manifestation.

Drawing and painting: - Mercury is the planet for the former and Venus for the latter. To be a genius in either would require help from Jupiter.

Photography: - Sun and Jupiter are prominent in connection with all aspects of photography- chemicals, action of light, images, etc.

Cinematography business and Dramas: - Venus must be the outstanding planet in the chart.

Lotteries: - The 4th and 9th houses, Libra sign, Venus and Jupiter represent lotteries. If there is parivartana yoga of these lords, there are prospects of getting lotteries or hidden treasures. The lord of the 4th should be in the vargas of the lord of the 11th. He should be strong and posited in the 11th house or 5th house.

Speculation: - The 5th house represents speculation. The 7th house also can be included. Here again., Venus plays a prominent part.

Gambling: - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius represent gambling and gambling houses. Mercury, Venus and Saturn-all these stand for different types of gambling. The 8th and 12th houses govern the same.

Property dealers: -The 4th house represents these; Mars governs lands and Venus stands for buildings.

Insurance: - Saturn and the 8th house stand for insurance.

Engineers: - If in a nativity, Venus becomes the strongest planet with reference to the 10th bhava, and occupies powerful places from lagna and the Moon and joins Mercury, the native becomes an engineer.

Teacher: - If the 10th is occupied or aspected by Mercury or the lord of the 10th is aspected of joined by Mercury, the native becomes a teacher.

Leather merchant: Jeevarasis are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Jeevagrahas are Mercury and Jupiter. When there is connection of 10th house with ajeeva rasi and ajeevagrahas, one deals in leather.

In all these, we should bear in mind that rasis, bhavas and the lords of the above should be strong, well posited both from lagna and the bhavas referred to. It is safer that these are connected with the 11th in some way.

Medical profession: -Virgo is a medical sign; Scorpio is connected with medical knowledge, metaphysical investigation, medicine, searching mind, and occult sciences. Pisces rules Hospitals, nursing homes etc. Moon Mars are the chief planets. Sun or Mars conjoins or trines Rahu or Kethu and Saturn trines Rahu with Leo in 1st or 10th house gives medical profession.

Mars Moon or Mars Jupiter or Mars Sun in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th makes one a doctor. Rahu governs teeth.

Sun is karaka of allopathic system of medicines. Jupiter is karaka of Ayurvedic system of medicines. Saturn is karaka of homeooathic svstem of medicine.


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