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23. 02. 2018
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Railways, Electric and hydro-electric

Railways:- Gemini and Sagittarius and their lords Mercury and Jupiter are concerned with railway service. Railways include railway transport, railway engineering and workshops, railway law, etc. If Mercury is most powerful, transport will be the department to be sought for. If Mars is strong and connected with profession and concerned with any of the above signs will lead to railway engineering. If Jupiter is prominent in connection with the above indications, railway law may be specialized.

Electric and hydro-electric:- Sign Aries is connected with electricity and Scorpio with hydro¬electric. So Mars is the relevant planet. Moon too should have secondary consideration and is found connected with Mars. If hydro-electric is concerned with harness of flowing water river systems and waterfalls, then Cancer comes in the picture. These systems if include the distribution of electricity then Mercury becomes the chief planet to be considered and sign Gemini also should be looked to.

Mining and metallurgy:- This involves three separate processes. That of digging into the places where metals are found, then work underground in collecting the metals or ores, and then the conversion of ores into metals. The first two come under mining and the 3rd under metallurgy. Engineering connected with digging and gathering of metals comes under Mars and Aries as well as Scorpio. The actual mining process comes under Capricorn and Saturn. For metallurgists Sun and Mercury should be powerful and prominent in addition to Mars.

All movable signs indicate dhatus. Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are dhatu grahas. Ashwini, rohini. punarvasu, makha, hasta, vishakha, moola, sravana and p.bhadra are dhatu nakshatras. When the hou'se of wealth or house of property is a movable sign,and when dhatu grahas are posited therein native is an owner of mines. If the 1Oth house has dhatu connections as above, then the native is employed in mines.

Posts, telegraphs and telephones:- Sign Gemini and Mercury is the planet connected with this department.

Wireless and radio:- Mercury and Jupiter as also signs Gemini and Sagittarius are to be considered.

Aviation:-Aires signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and their are important. For flyers Mercury, Sun and Jupiter or Venus should be looked into.

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