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23. 09. 2017
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The 80 Golden ways Good luck

1. Front Door Should not Face a Toilet

2. Front Door to be Free of Obstruction

3. No Obstructions Outside Your Main Door

4. No Mirror Opposite the Front Door

5. Avoid Flats Above Stilt Floor

6. Avoid Three Doors in One Line

7. Avoid Top Floor Flats

8. Mirrors Reflecting The Dining Table

9. Aquarium With Goldfish

10. Display Auspicious Symbols

11. Avoid Scenes of War and Violence

12. Hang Feng Shui Coins or Bells on the Door Handles

13. Avoid Cactus and Bonsai: Keep jade Plants

14. Peony Flowers

15. Avoid Dried Flowers

16. Hi-Fi Appliances

17. Avoid Open Shelves

18. No Mirrors in the Bedroom

19. Don’t Sleep on Double Bed with two Separate Mattresses

20. Avoid Sleeping in Front of the Door

21. On Aquariums in Bedrooms

22. Laughing Buddha

23. Three- Legged Frog

24. Happy Family Photo for Good Relationship

25. Keep Brooms Hidden

26. Mopping the House with Salt Water

27. Clutter Clearing

28. Crystal Ball for Good Relationships and Romance

29. Yellow Flowers in Cream Colour Ceramic Vase

30. Growing an Orange Plant

31. Lovebirds for Romance

32. Chandeliers in South- West

33. Crystal Glass Bowl with Coins in “NW”

34. Keep Toilet Doors Always Closed

35. Kitchen Clean and Burners Unblocked

36. Water and Fire in the Kitchen

37. Eating Together Daily

38. Picture of Greenery in ‘SE’

39. Knives, Scissors are Bad Gifts

40. Crystals in North- East for Education Luck

41. Children’s Pictures in West

42. Don’t Sit with Open Behind you

43. Boss’s/Mentor’s Picture

44. Bowl of Salt in Toilets

45. Avoid Leaky Taps & Choked Drains

46. Windchimes

47. Owner’s Picture in South

48. Ship with Gold Coins

49. Avoid Ceramic/Earthen Ware in the North

50. Globe in North-East for Education and Knowledge

51. Chinese Coins for Money Luck

52. Metal Vase with White Flowers in North

53. Musical Clocks

54. Avoid Blue Colour Picture and Water Scenery in South

55. Round- off Sharp Edges and Corers

56. Seven- Rod Windchime in West

57. Red Picture or Object in South

58. Three Lucky Coins in Cash Box

59. Cream Flowers in Yellow Earthen Vase in West

60. Avoid Green plants in South-West

61. Agarbattis for Cleansing Negative Energy

62. Gayatri Mantra or Sacred Chants

63. Avoid Bright Lights and Red Objects in North-West

64. Avoid Metal Object and Scissors in ‘SE’

65. Metal Turtle in the North

66. Curtains for Good luck

67. Non- functional Clocks & Appliances

68. Don’t Sit With Your Back to the Door

69. No Calendars Over, or on Any Doors

70. Don’t Sit Facing a Blank Wall

71. Mountain Behind you for Support

72. Dragon for good luck

73. Phoenix for Success

74. Horse- shoe for good fortune

75. Bamboos for luck

76. Telephone and fax at right place

77. Water at the door

78. Luck from colours

79. Couples without a Baby

80. Fuk, Luk and Sau

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