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25. 09. 2017
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In Ayurveda amoebic dysentery is known as Pravahika. It is an infection caused by an organism. According to Ayurveda, this organism is only a secondary factor in the causation of this disease. Irregularity of diet, intake of heavy indigestible food and emotional factors like worry, anxiety and anger are mainly responsible for the manifestation of this disease.

This disease is characterised by the passage of mucus along with the stool which occurs frequently and in invariably preceded by gripping pain. There is loss of appetite and the patient feels excessively weak. In chronic amoebic dysentery, the liver is affected seriously and the patient loses a considerable amount of weight.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Amoebic Dysentery: Kutaja is the drug of choice for the treatment of this condition. The bark of this plant is given to the patient in powdered form in a dose of one teaspoonful, three times a day. It is also given in the form of a decoction. / To make this, 30 gms. of the powder of this drug is boiled with two cups of water and reduced to one-fourth. After filtration the decoction should be given to the patient, twice daily. Because of its bitterness, some honey may be added while giving it to the patient.

The patient will have frequent motions but the stools containing mucus will be of small quantity, he may even feel constipated. Constipation is extremely bad for these patients. Therefore, as a routine, the patient should be given about two teaspoonfuls of the husk of Isabagol at bedtime with milk or butter-milk. In chronic dysentery Rasaparpati is popularly used. It is a preparation of mercury and sulphur, and is given to the patient in a dose of 125 gm. three times a day. This should be gradually increased to 250 gm. three times per day. While giving parpati therapy, the taking of salt and water should be strictly prohibited. Diet should be limited to milk, boiled rice and sugar.

Diet to taken by Amoebic Dysentery patients: The patient should avoid taking fried things. Curd mixed with rice can be given to patient with advantage. Khichari or gruel prepared with moong dal and rice is very useful in this condition. The patient should not be given spices and chillies. Vegetables and meat should be used as little as possible. Meat and soups can be given to the patient. Substances having sour and astringent taste like lemon, amalaki, pomegranate, banana (both ripe and green) are useful in this condition.

Other regimens: The Amoebic Dysentery patient should be given complete bed rest specially in the acute stage of the attack. He should not take bath as far as possible especially during the acute stage of the disease.

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