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27. 05. 2018
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Aries Sunsign in the Horoscope

final image This first sign extends to 30 degrees. Fiery by nature, sterile, movable, masculine or positive and is of short ascension. An oriental sign denoting the beginning of the Right Ascension. It represents Head and Face of the body of Kalapursha. Ruled by Mars. Sun is exalted in this sign, Saturn is debilitated, whereas Venus is in fall in this sign.

According to Sayana System Sun enters Aries on 21st March and leaves on 19th April whereas according to Niryana System Sun enters Aries on 13th April and leaves on 14th May.

Its symbol is Two rams striking one another head long. Its cause is Agni and of Tamsa Guna. Main idea in this Rasi essentially is action, rash nature, combative, lascivious, springy and hardy. Spirit of fighting and defending, to face resistance from within due to Tamsa Guna and also are at times at once instinctive and inert. Complete, rival, cope with another, contend, struggle for or against are the basic ideas.

Physical Appearance. Persons born under this sign possess lean and muscular body, middle stature, neither thick nor stout, rudy complexion, long face and neck, broad head at the temples and narrow at the chin. Thin features, mark or scar on head or temples, bushy eye brow, rough or wiry hair varying in colour from dark to sandy, sometimes going bald. Eyes grey to greyish brown.

Mental Tendencies. Ambitious, activity, courage, energy, enterprise, impulsiveness and ingenuity. Lover of independence.

. It born persons are ambitious, rash in temper and of aggressive nature. They are of simple, frank and of outspoken nature, well disposed and capable of holding command in executive positions. They are not good in organising schemes, but they can guide, control and govern themselves or others. Lover of independence, brave, venturesome, generous, to some extent extravagant. Also well informed, ingenious, zealous, dogmatic in their opinions, remarkable for sudden changes and quick action and have progressive tendency.

Life will be full of struggle and fortune is variable. Ardent in politics and religion. Travelling in life is imminent. Relatives are not favourable and the family ties are sometimes strained, frequent changes in residence, having a few children. They marry early and in a hurry. Legal proceedings in life may follow him. Residence in foreign land under forced circumstances. There will be no dearth of enemies but you will be conquerer of them. Somewhat fiery or quick tempered. They will succeed best in vocations requiring quick action, decision, executive or mechanical ability and responsibility.

Health Generally Arians enjoy good health and have power of resistance or the diseases. They are prone to minor injuries and serious accidents particularly to the head. So they should avoid rash driving. Arians are liable to suffer headaches, burns, inflammatory diseases, brain affliction, colic pains, high fever, pimples, paralysis, insomnia and small pox etc.

It denotes skull bones and face except nasal. Also indicates muscles like occipitals, depriments articularm, buccinator, internal carotids, temporal carotids and {lead etc.

Cautions Arians should take plenty of rest and sleep. Green vegetables and good food is must for them. They should relax, control their feelings, avoid worry, excitement and anger. They should avoid stimulants and non-vegetarian meals.

Finances Arians are not meant for amasing wealth inspite of their strong desires. Extravagence should be avoided. They lose money through impulsive actions and rash investments. Evil planets if posited in Aries indicate that they start in a flash and end in a crash, their budget always remain as unbalanced. They should think calmly and seriously before any action.

Romance and Marriage Arians are extremely frank and enthusiastic in love, their good nature and charm attract the opposite sex. They are of practical views, desire lasting affection, freedom and adventure in love are their basic traits. Arians should soften their dominant nature, to be happy and should not be impatient and emotional. They should stick to old lovers rather to change.

Ladies Arian ladies are witty, intelligent, and independent, zealous, proud and always speak high of their domestic environments, appearance, own family but prove to be a good host. They expect that their husbands should look after them well, speak high of them and never praise others especially in their presence. They love the man if they can admire him. Generally Arian ladies over ride and over power their partners and husbands. They are aggressive and are very romantic. They can be controlled with tact and patience. In short Arian ladies have Fiery nature.

Husbands Such persons are very desirable partners, usually they select beautiful, clever and good wives. Generous and bountiful, romantic but spendthrift. Rash and passionate.

Ideal Match Leo, Libra and Sagittarius born persons are fit to marry Arians. But they should try to be peaceful, avoid lavish spending, rash temperament and have saving disposition.

Domestic Environments A good neat and clean house. Good friends and excellent hosts. Love their home and family. Good company and many friends are the weakness of Arians and they are of cheerful nature. In order to have a happy home, they should avoid rash temperament, criticism of each other and should not to be impulsive, impatient, sarcastic and revengeful.

Professions Professions ruled by Mars best suit Arians. If the planet which denotes one's profession by owning either 2nd, 6th or 10th house in one's horoscope, occupies Aries in rasi or lord of the house occupies, in Navamsa, if Aries happens to be the 2nd, 6th or 10th house and lord Mars is very strong, professions connected with Army, Defence Department, Surgeons, Police, Chemist, Law, Iron and Steel, Machines, Factories, industry or sports goods are best suited for them.

Lucky days, Number Colour and Stone. Lucky days for Arian born people are Tuesday, Saturdays and Fridays, Monday and Sunday are fair. Other days are expensive and undesirable. Day of fast is Tuesday.

Lucky numbers are 9 and 1, attractive 4 and 8. Passive numbers are 2, 3,5 and disagreeable numbers are 6 and 7.

Favourable colours are Red, Yellow, Copper and Golden. Use of Black colour be avoided.

The lucky stone is Red Coral be used in Copper or silver in first finger on Tuesday morning after offering prayers.

When Mars is in fall or unfavourable one should use Ruby or Red Coral and Pearl.

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