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20. 10. 2017
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BURNING URINE: While passing urine, some people feel burning sensation in the urinary passage. An infection in the urinary passage caused by venereal diseases like gonorrhoea, enlargement of prostrate, a stone in the urinary bladder, or simple concentrated urine, as it happens in summer, might be responsible for this type of complaint. The burning sensation may occur along with the passage of urine or it may occur even after that. It may subside by taking some alkaline drinks or few glasses of simple water. It may occur during daytime or night-time. Other symptoms like discharge of pus from the urethra, stoppage of urination, bleeding and fever might accompany.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Burning urine: The main disease because of which burning sensation occurs in the urinary passage has to be treated meticulously. there are some ayurvedic medicines which specially act to correct the burning sensation. They are gokshura, chandan, ushira and shilajatu. Many preparations of these medicines are also available and they are commonly administered to such patients. Gokshuradi guggulu and Chandraprobha vati are given to the patients in a dose of two tablets, three or four times a day, depending upon the seriousness of the disease. they not only reduce the burning sensation but also act as an antiseptic while being eliminated through the urinary tract. They are used both for preventive and curative purposes. Chandanasava and Ushirasava are two alcoholic preparations. they are given to the patient in a dose of six teaspoonfuls after food, twice daily with equal quantity of water. they also have antiseptic effect on the geneto-urinary tract.

Among animal products, pravala is considered to be extremely useful for the treatment of burning sensation in any part of the body. If the complaint is chronic, the patient has to be given pravala in a powder form. It is made to a powder by grinding with rose water. This is usually given in a dose of 0.5 gm. twice daily, mixed with milk.

Diet to taken by Burning urine patients: Hot spices are to be strictly avoided. The patient should be given as much water as possible to drink. Fresh lemon juice, fresh coconut water, orange juice, sugarcane juice, and pineapple juice are extremely useful in this condition. The patient should be given fruits like apple, grapes, peaches and plums in good quantity. The juice of radish and its leaves should be given to the patient in a dose of 30 ml. twice daily. Carrot juice is also very useful in the condition.

Rice, ghee, milk and leafy vegetables are also very useful for the patient.

Other -regimens: The patient should not expose himself to sun or heat. Excessive perspiration takes away lot of water from the body and the urine thus becomes concentrated. Passage of this concentrated urine through the urinary tract causes irritation and gives rise to burning sensation.

In summer season, burning urine commonly occurs along with heat stroke. Before going out in the sun, it is always advisable to take a glass or two of syrup prepared by boiling green mango and adding sugar to it. Jamun is a very useful fruit for this complaint. Two or three glasses of water mixed with gur should be taken early morning every day, during summer season.

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