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21. 11. 2018
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Relation of Jupiter and Moon in Gaja-Kesari Yoga

Mutual relation of the Moon and Jupiter in a Gaja-Kesari yoga

It has been mentioned above that a Gaja Kesari yoga forms when the Moon and Jupiter are in mutual kendras from each other. Four different types of yoga arise, as follows:

1. Moon-Jupiter conjunction:

The Moon and Jupiter may join each other (Jupiter in the first house from the Moon) in any sign or house to produce this yoga. The results accruing from this yoga have already been described as: overpowering, famous, intelligent, virtuous, wealthy, consistent in love and fickle-minded. The occurrence of this conjunction in differČent houses is obviously likely to produce different results some of which have already been described. For example:

(a) In First House: Good in looks, blessed with friends, wife and progeny. When benefic and powerful yogas form in the lagna, they make a person healthy, dignified and impressive. The Moon, a planet of beauty, and Jupiter, the best benefic, combining in the lagna can instil abundance of benevolence in the native.

(b) In Fourth House: Equivalent to a king, a minister, learned, etc. A lot of domestic comfort is promised by a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the fourth house. This house also indicates the parliament in modern democracies.

(c) In Seventh House: Learned, skilled, a trader, wealthy. This conjunction falling in the seventh house is good for conjugal bliss. The seventh house also deals with trading and partnerships, while the Gaja-Kesari yoga obtaining here ensures wealth through partnerships.

(d) In Ninth House: Distinguished, fortunate, wealthy, contented. The ninth house deals with virtues and religious pursuits as also the luck of the native. This is a very fortunate house to have a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in.

(e) In Tenth House: Scholar, wealthy, haughty, respectable, etc. Presence of a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in this house is very favourable for career prospects, high status and financial prosperity.

2.Jupiter in the fourth house from the Moon:

The fourth house is for domestic comforts as well as for mother. A benefic like Jupiter in the fourth from the Moon, a significator for mother, should normally be favourable as far as domestic comforts, and comforts from mother, are concerned. According to the Manasagari, however, this combination deprives one of comforts at home, leads to troubles in respect of the mother, and confers an attitude to work for others.

3.Jupiter in the seventh house from the Moon:

This yoga confers good health, long life, a respectable status amongst one's family members, and an inclination to be frugal. The Manasagari adds that the native becomes impotent and suffers jaundice. It may be appreciated that Jupiter is a planet of virtue and restraint. Its presence in the seventh (from the Moon) will tend to curb over-indulgence in sex. The strong language of the scriptures needs to be interpreted more liberally. In general, the placement of Jupiter in the seventh house (from the lagna or the Moon) favours conjugal harmony.

4.Jupiter in the tenth house from the Moon:

This is generally a favourable situation for one's career. According to Manasagari, the native with this combination gives up his wife and children to become an ascetic. The tenth house (from the lagna or the Moon) indicates the karma or the function of an individual. The presence of Jupiter in such a house instils dignity and virtue in one's pursuits or karma. If such a Jupiter is very strong, the indifference to things worldly is enhanced. This is a very good combination for idealism and spiritual pursuits. At the same time, Jupiter in the tenth house ensures inflow of wealth through one's own effort as Jupiter is the significator for money.

Jupiter occupies the tenth house from the Moon as well as the lagna. The mutual angular disposition of the Moon and Jupiter is retained in the navamsha too. Jupiter in the tenth instils idealism in one's profession. From here it aspects the second house and the second lord posited therein, taking care of the finances of the native. The native had a phenomenal rise in the world of business so that be happened to head India's largest private-sector company. He created history by generating a sort of an economic revolution in India. Kalyana Varma, the author of the Saravali, has special words of p-raise for the Sun located in the first half of Dhanu and associated with the Moon. The Gaja-Kesari yoga derives additional help here from the Sun- Moon conjunction in the lagna.

shani sadesatti manglik dosha gandmool gajkesari yoga
kaal sarp dosh kemdrum yoga pitra dosha Guru chandal yoga


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