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21. 04. 2018
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VIEWS ON HOUSE- ENTRY to a house, stop or factory thought is of after construction work has been complete learned men consider on point of house- entry after defeat of a deserting enemy, on arrival of a new lady, on return from abroad. House entry is divided into three forms viz- Apoorva, sapoorva and dwandva (apurd, sampurd and davnd respectively). When a entry is made into a new house it is called ‘apoorva’, when an entry is made after return from journey, it is known as ‘sapoorva’. Entry into a house, after the same has been renovated is called ‘dwanwe’.

Out of the three types of house entry,’ apoorva’ deserves to be especially discussed here. Entry made into a house during January, February- march, april- may and may- june is considered to be the best entry; and medium during October- November and November- December. A house should be entered into on x day dark half of lunar month and during the bright half of lunar month when entry should be made only after appearance of moon. Entry into renovated house be made in the month when sun moves from north to south (I half of the year).

Generally position of debilitated Jupiter ad VENUS must be thought of in all condition (of entry) but excepting renovation of a dilapidated house. House- entry is auspicious during the three uttaras, Anuradha, roshni, Mrigshira, chitra, Revati, Shatbhisha, pushya, ashwini ad hasta asterism (nakshtr). If the date and day are favourable (for many) then house- entry will usher in welfare. But position of planets in the I house (removing flaw, if any) and moon and star’s favourability must also be take into account.

In an east- facing house, if sun is posited in anyone house from 8th to 12th, then sun is opposite (malefic) and in a south- facing house, if sun is placed in the 5th house in a house which has western entrance, and if such as placed in 11th house in a house having a northern entrance, sun is placed I the 5th house, it is called ‘vaama ravi’ which is an imperative position for house entry .in kumbha- chakra (aquares circle) five nakshatras from sun’s own nakhshatra are malefic (harmful), 5 are again harmful, but six (60 are beneficial .from sun’s own nakhshatra, 6th to 13th and from 22th to 27th are benefic ad useful nakshatra. In a house that is burnt by fire or has bee white- washed and decorated with lime, mud etc, entry should be made I October-November, July- August, November- December, when swati pushya, dhashta, shatabhisha nakhshatras fall. At the time of entry house –owner should decorate his hands, carry with him a water- filled pitcher, flowers, incense, doorvaadal, pallav and after reverence to a virgin girl, a scholar, by offering a cow should enter a house. At that time, Bramins should chat vedic hymns, should notes from a counch- sell, and beautiful ladies should chant pleasing songs.

One of the acharyas holds the view that a Brahman should carry a pitcher and follow the house owner. There is a tradition, in vogue, in many provinces that lucky married ladies and virgins should also carry a pitcher each and follow the house- owner, followed by relatives and other family members. Closed or sick unit shouldn’t be purchased Residential house and or factory should be purchased from a rich and happy person who sells off due to some others reason. Purchase only such a building whose owner has been happy all- round and was proceeding elsewhere. Never go in for purchase of a building whose owner is suffering form agony, or giving up business due to debt- burden, and also non purchase house or building from a person who is useless, because the new entrant/ dweller will never prosper. Never purchase a house that is a ruin, cracket, barren, closed or sick unit, even if availabel at a low price. Do not show any undue haste in purchasing a sick or closed industrial unit. It is essential that all aspects are thoroughly probed, and fully pondered over before deciding to opt for purchase thereof.

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