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18. 02. 2018
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INFLUENZA is an infectious disease, marked by depression, distressing fever: acute catarrhal inflammation of the nose, larnyx and bronchi, neuralgic arm: muscular pains, gastro-intestinal disorder and nervous disturbances. It is caused by a filterable virus and often occurs in epidemic form.

It usually occurs during seasonal change. In Ayurveda it is called vatashalaishmika jwara. In a normal individual, during the period of seasonal change, the equilibrium of doshas, viz., vata, pitta and kapha gets slightly disturbed due to the change in temperature, rains etc. But, if there s. abnormality in the change of temperature and rainfall, then the equilibrium of doshas gets exceedingly disturbed which results in this disease. Person with a constipative tendency, and morbidity of the nasal mucous membrane or throat are more prone to get this disease.

Since the disease is generally associated with gastric disorder, pippali (long pepper) is considered to be a useful drug for this condition.

It should be powdered and half teaspoonful of this powder should be given to the patient mixed with honey (about two teaspoonfuls) and ginger juice (half teaspoon). This may be given three times a day. If this drug is administered on the first onset of fever, further rise of temperature is checked. This also promotes the resistance of the patient against the attacks of bronchitis and throat congestion.

Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum) is the other drug of choice for this condition. Leaves of this plant, mixed with an equal quantity of dried ginger powder- form an excellent substitute for tea in this condition. This may be given by adding milk and sugar three to four times a day.

A simple but very effective remedy for this condition is haridra (turmeric). One teaspoonful of the powder or paste of this drug should be added to a cup of milk (to which sugar may also be added) and given to the patient three times a day. This brings about an early recovery. It cures malaise and removes constipation, if any. It keeps the lungs clear of phlegm and activates the liver.

Tribhuvana kirti rasa is commonly used by physicians for the treatment of influenza. It is available both in powder and tablet forms. 250 mg. (two tablets) of this medicine should be given to the patient mixed with honey (one teaspoonful). It can be given three to four times a day depending upon the condition of the fever. If the fever is associated with cough also, then one teaspoonful of ginger juice may be added to this mixture and given to the patient.

Diet to taken by Influenza patients: After the onset of fever it is better to keep the patient without food with light food for at least two meal times. He should be given barley water or sago boiled with milk and sugar. Bread, biscuits, meat soup and vegetable soup can also be given to the patient. Garlic, either raw or fried with ghee or butter, is very useful. About ten cloves of garlic can be given to the paten Green ginger may be added to the soup or vegetables.

Heavy food like meat, chicken, fish and egg, rice, wheat chapati, finite things like parontha and sour things including curd are strictly prohibited during fever. The patient should be given banana, guava and other sour fruits. Tea is not good in this condition. Coffee in small quantities can be given.

Other regimens:
Exposure to cold wind, bath, exercise, sleepless night oil massage and mental strain should be avoided for influenza patients.

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