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23. 09. 2017
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MIGRAINE: This is a type of headache which is characterised by recurring paroxysmal attacks. It occurs in bouts. Often the patient gets pain only in one side of the head. Between the attacks, the patient feels perfectly well and leads a normal life.

In Ayurveda, this condition is known as anantavarta. There is another similar condition which is known as suryavarta. In this latter condition, the headache increases as the sun moves up in the sky, and the patient feels normal as the sun goes down.

Excessive worry and anxiety is considered to be the primary cause of this type of headache. Exposing the head to the heat of the sun or the cold wind or snow for a long time is one of the precipitating factors. Many patients suffering from migraine also suffer from sinusitis.

At times the headache become so intense that the patient gets vomiting. During the period between two attacks, the patient, no doubt, feels normal; but a trace of heaviness of head and congestion in the nose remains.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine: If the patient is having nauseating sensation, it will be better to allow the patient to vomit out. Often indigestion precipitates the attacks of this disease. Vomiting relieves indigestion and thus, the patient is relieved of his headache. Even if there is no nausea, the patient should be made to drink 5-6 tumblerfuls of water and vomit it out. In a tumbler of water about half a teaspoon of salt should be added. In works better if lukewarm water is used for this purpose. After drinking water as much as possible, the throat of the patient should be tingled with the help of his own finger to induce vomiting and relieve the patient of his headache.

Such patients are usually constipated. They should be given triphala powder, one teaspoonful at bedtime with a cup of hot milk regularly.

A medicine which is very effective in this type of headache is Anu taila. This is medicated oil prepared by boiling 26 medicinal plants in gingelly oil and goat's milk. About 10 to 20 drops of this medicated oil is to be dropped into each nostril and deeply inhaled. It has no poisonous effect. Deep inhalation of the nose and cause sneezing. This oil, if properly inhaled, removes the blockage of the passage of the sinuses to the nose. The patient feels light in is head and the heaviness as well as mental strain is relieved. He gets good sleep and the nerves in the nasal passage are soothed. This inhalation therapy should be used 2-3 times a day. When the attack of the migraine is acute, use of this inhalation therapy gives instant relief to the patient.

Another medicated oil commonly used for treatment of migraine is known as Shadbindu taila. The dose of this oil is 6 drops only, and it is to be used as described before. This is prepared in mustard oil which is a little irritant to the mucous membrane of the nose, but it gives instant relief.

Suvarna sutashekhara is the drug of choice for the treatment of this condition. It contains mercury, gold, copper, sulphur and borax in bhasma form. Some poisonous drugs namely vatsanabha and dhatura are also used in this drug. But they are processed before they are added to the medicine and this processing makes them free from any adverse affect on the body. Ten more medicinal plants or drugs of animal origin are added to it and triturated with the juice of bhringaraja. This is given to the patient on empty stomach in a dose of 125 mg. twice daily with milk. It works both as a preventive, as well as curative for this condition. Godanti bhasma, which is very cheap, is also used for the treatment of this condition. This is given to the patient in a dose of one gm. three times a day, mixed with honey.

Diet to taken by Migraine patients: Fried things and spicy food articles are harmful to the patient. Curd and other sour things are also to be avoided. Cow's milk and cow's ghee are very useful for the patient suffering from migraine.

Other regimens: The migraine patient should take care to keep himself free from indigestion, constipation, mental worries and anxieties and he should not expose himself to excessive heat, excessive cold and rain. He should go to bed early and avoid spending sleepless nights.

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