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25. 09. 2017
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Sneezing is a sudden and involuntary violent expiration preceded by inspiration. During sneezing, the mouth generally remains closed, so that the current of air is directed through the nose. The person sneezes normally because of some irritation in the mucous membrane of the nose, or the sinuses in the head. The phlegm that remains accumulated inside the sinus, gets cleared by this act of sneezing. Normally, the sneezing takes place once or twice in a day. When there is snow and cold, one sneezes much more. Often the attack of sneezing is repetitive to cause concern. Water comes out from nose and mouth. Sometimes when the patient gets up from the bed, he finds his nose completely blocked, and goes on sneezing. Taking of certain types of food like curd, banana, iced water, ice-cream precipitates these attacks of sneezing. Allergy is often considered to be one of the reasons for sneezing.

Ayurvedic Treatment for sneezing: Haridrakhanda is the drug of choice for the treatment of this condition. It is prepared with turmeric and some other vegetable drugs. One teaspoonful of this powder is to be given to the patient 4 times a day, mixed with a cup of hot milk of warm water.

The patient should be given Shadabindu taila, or Anu taila for deep inhalation. The former is to be used in a dose of 6 drops in each nostril and the latter is to be used in a dose of 20 drops in each nostril. These medicated oils are to be deeply inhaled. These may provoke some more bouts of sneezing and running of water from the nose. This may happen for the first two days; thereafter the patient will not feel any discomfort and eventually use these nasal drops. For an adult, use of these nasal drops for about a month will be sufficient to relieve him of sneezing bouts.

The patients normally remain constipated. To keep their bowels clean Agastya rasayana should be given to them in a dose of 2-4 teaspoonfuls at bedtime with a cup of milk or warm water. Apart from relieving constipation, this medicine has a tonic effect on the body and specially on lungs, throat and the mucous membrane of the nose. This medicine should be given to the patient even after the sneezing bouts stop with a view to prevent recurrence of these attacks. Normally a six months' course of this medicine would be sufficient for an average patient.

Diet to taken by Sneezing patients: Curd, banana, fried things and drinks added with ice are to be strictly prohibited. Eating of rice is not good for these patients. Turmeric, garlic, ginger and black pepper should be used in good quantities by these patients and they are always helpful both for the prevention as well as the cure of this disease. Apart from garlic that is added to the vegetables, the patient is advised to take about 10 cloves twice daily. This can be taken in raw form, but because of its strong smell, some people do not like it very much. In that case, it should be fried with butter or ghee; it becomes brown and odourless and then it should be given to the patient. This frying, while making it odourless, reduces the therapeutic efficacy of garlic. The patient should take a lot of leafy vegetables so that the bowels remain clean.

Other regimens: The patient should avoid taking head bath when having acute attacks of sneezing. Exposure to rain, or excessive cold wind, is very bad for the patient.

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