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22. 05. 2018
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This is a small inflamed tumour on the eye-lid. It is usually caused because of poor health, conjunctivitis, infection in the eye-lids, and lack of cleanliness. They cause pain and uneasiness. It takes about 5-8 days for this little tumour in the eye-lid to suppurate and once the pus comes out of it, the patient feels relieved and the whole thing subsides. There is a tendency for the styes to appear again and again.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stye: According to ayurveda, constipation is attributed to be one of the common causes of stye. Therefore, before starting the treatment, the patient is given the purgative. Usually triphala powder is chosen for this purpose. The patient should be given one teaspoonful of this triphala powder at bedtime with a cup of hot milk. Another spoon of the powder should be added to a tumblerful of water and kept overnight. Next morning, it should be squeezed and filtered, and the liquid thus obtained, is to be used for washing the eyes. To prevent relapse of this disease a collyrium is frequently prescribed by the Ayurvedic physicians. This is known as chandrodaya varti. It is available in rod-shaped round pieces with the ends tapering. This is to be rubbed with a few drops of honey over a clean stone or plate and the collyrium thus prepared, is to be applied over the eyes gently. It causes a little irritation and thus there is watering from the eyes. But this irritation stops in about 5-10 minutes after its application.

Diet to taken by Stye patients: The patient should avoid all sour foods and drinks. Curd are specially prohibited. Bitter things and things which are useful for getting a clean motion are always prescribed for such patients.

Other regimens: The stye patient should not remain awake for long at night. Reading is not advisable. He should also avoid the sun. He should not take head bath or expose himself to extreme cold winds and rain.

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