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23. 09. 2017
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Varsha: Shravan- Bhadrapada

Vasant is the Rituraj; Varsha is also Mother and Queen of all the seasons. Copious quench the thirst, make everything on earth rejoice, prolong life, heal, make plants and herbs come- forth. Water is the basis of life, and we get it in the form of life giving rains. It is during the months of Shravan and Bhadrapada that the rain bearing masses of clouds burst open and release the water. A verse in Chhandogya Upanishad, which is one of the early and fairly long, composed inn prose with a few verses interspersed; it comprises eight chapters of the Chhandogya Brahman, so named after the Chhandogya or priest of the Sama- veda, days:

Water, verity, is greater than food. Therefore, when rain does not occur, living beings are afraid that food will be scarce. But when good rain is available, living beings are happy, thinking, there will be much food. The earth, the atmosphere, the heaven, the mountains, gods and men, animals and birds, grass and trees, wild beasts, worms, flies and ants all are water in different forms. Meditate on water

What wonder and beauty Varsha is, can be gleaned from the following passage from Tulsidas’ Ramayana:

“clouds gather in the sky and thunders roar; but my darling is gone and my soul is in distress. The lighting flashes fretfully amid the darkness, like the friendship of the vile which never lasts. The pouring clouds cleave close to the ground, as sages stoop beneath accumulated love. The hills endure the buffeting of the rain drops, as the virtuous bear the abuse of the wicked. The flooded streamlets rush proudly along. Like mean me puffed up with a little wealth. The water by its contact with the earth becomes as muddy as the soul when caught in the web of illusion! Drop by drop the waters gather and fill the pods, as if the quality of goodness develops I a good man; and the rivers flow into the bosom of the ocean, like the soul, that has found Hari, and is at rest for even. … the green earth is so choked with grass that the paths can no longer be distinguished, like holy books obscured by the wringing of heretics. … On all sides, there is a lively croaking of frogs, like a class of Brahman students repeating the Vedas. All the trees put forth their new leaves, the aka and javasa plants have shed their leaves; as in a well- governed realm the scheme of the wicked comes to naught. search as you like, the dusty footpath is no longer to be traced; like as when religion is put out of sight by passion. The earth rich with crops makes as gobly a show as the prosperity of benevolent. The fireflies gleam in the darkness of the cloudy night like the mustered hand of hypocrites. The heavy rains break down the ridges of the fields, like women ruined by too many licenses. The diligent cultivators weed their land, like philosophers who tiff themselves of ignorance, vanity and pride. The cakva and other birds are no where to be see, like virtue that fled at the coming of the iron age. However, much it may rain, no grass springs upon barren ground, so lust taken no root in the heart of Hari’s worshippers. The earth gleams with swarms of living creatures of every kind; so the subjects wayfarers stay and rest, like a man’s bodily senses after the attainment of wisdom.”

This whole season itself is a long festivity. A great number of our sacred days, fairs and festivals occur during these two moths. Some of these include Nag Panchami, Tulsi Jayanti, Raksha Bandhan, Onam, Ganesh Chaturthy, Janmashtami. Anant Chaturdashi and many others.

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