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19. 10. 2018
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Name Meaning Name Meaning
Aafreen Encouragement Achala Constant steady, mountain
Abha Lustrous beauty Adarsh Ideal
Abhaya Fearless Adhira Llightning
Abhilasha Desire Adishree Exalted
Aboil The name of a flower Aditi The earth mother of gods
Adrika Celestial Aghanashini Destroyer of sins

Leadership Ahalya Wife of Rishi Gautam, a woman who was saved by Lord Rama
Ahladita In happy mood Aishani Goddess Durga
Aishwarya ealth Ajanta A famous Buddist cave
Akhila Total complete
Akshaya Indestructible Akshita Seen

princess Alaka, Alka A girl with a lovely hair
Alaknanda A river in the Himalayas flawless
Protected by God
Alka Lock of curly hair Almas A diamond

Faultless Alpa Little
Alpana A decorative design Amala, Amla The pure one
Amba Goddess Parvati Ambika Goddess Parvati
Ambu Water Ambuda Cloud
Ambuja Born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi Amita Without limit
Amoda Happiness Amodini Joyful happy girl
Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a evotee of Buddha Amrita Immortality, nectar
Amritkala Nectarine art Amrusha Sudden
Amshula Sunny Amulya Priceless
Anagha Sinless Anahita Graceful
Anala Fiery Anamika Ring-finger
Anandamayi Full of joy Anandi Jovial
Anandini Joyful, happy Ananya Without a second, matchless
Anarghya Priceless Anasuya, Anasooya Wife of Rishi Atri
Anchal The decorative end of a sari Anchita Honoured, worshipped
Angana An suspicious or handsome woman Angarika A flame-coloured flower-Palash or Flame of the Forest
Anika Goddess Durga Anindita Beautiful
Anisha Uninterrupted, continuous Anita Grace
Anjali Offering with both hands Anjana Mother of Hanuman
Anju One who lives in the heart Anjushri, Anjushree Dear to one's heart
Ankita Conqueress; empress; one with auspicious marks Annapurna Goddess Parvati; generous with food
Anoushka, Anushka Lightning Anshula Sunny
Antara The second note in Hindustani classical music Anuhya Something unexpected - in a pleasant way - and valuable
Anumati Consent Anupama Without equal, unique, unparalleled
Anuprabha Brightness Anuradha Name of a star
Anuragini Beloved Anurati Consent
Anusha Beautiful morning, a star Anushri Pretty
Anuva Knowldege Anwesha Quest
Apala Name of a learned woman of the past Aparajita Undefeated
Aparna Goddess Parvati Apsara Celestial maiden
Apurva, Apoorva Unique Aradhana Worship
Arati, Aaarti Worship, divine fire in ritual Archa Worship
Archan Worship Archana Worship
Archisha A ray of light Archita One who is worshipped
Arpana Surrendered Arpita Dedicated
Arshia Heavenly Aruna Dawn
Arundhati A star Aruni Dawn
Arunima Glow of dawn Asavari Name of a raga or melody
Ascharya Surprise Aseema, Ashima Limitless
Asgari Devotee Asha Hope, aspiration
Ashakiran Ray of hope Ashalata Creeper of hope
Ashavari Name of a raaga Ashis Benediction
Ashna Friend Ashwini A star
Asita The river Yamuna Aslesha A star
Asmita Pride Atasi A blue flower
Atmaja Daughter Atreyi Name of a river
Avani Earth Avani, Abani Earth
Avanti Ancient Malwa; Ujjain Avantika City of Ujjain princess of Ujjain
Ayesha Daughter of the Prophet Ayushmati One who has a long life
Aziza A friend    


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