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21. 09. 2018
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Name Meaning Name Meaning
Laabha Profit Laalamani Ruby
Laasya Name of a dance Labangalata A flowering creeper
Laboni Grace Lajja Modesty
Lajjawati A sensitive plant; modest woman Lajwanti A sensitive woman/plant , modest
Lajwati Modest Laksha White rose
Lakshana One with auspicious signs on her, Duryodhana's daughter Lakshmi Goddess of wealth, wife of Vishnu
Lakshmishree Fortunate Lakshya Aim, destination
Lalan Nurturing Lalana A beautiful woman
Lali Darling girl Lalima Redness, wife of Vishnu
Lalita, Lalitha Elegant, beautiful, variety, beauty Lalitamohana Attractive, beautiful
Lata, Latha A creeper, vine Latakara Mass of creepers
Latangi A creeper, slim girl Latika A small creeper
Lavali Clove Lavanya Grace
Leela Divine play, play, amusement Leelamayee Playful
Leelavati Playful; goddess Durga Leena Devoted
Lekha Writing, picture Lily A flower
Lipi Script Lipika A short letter
Lochan, Lochana Eye, eyes Lochana Eye
Lola Goddess Lakshmi, beauty, pretty Lopa Wife of sage
Lopamudra Wife of sage Agastya    

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