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23. 03. 2018
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Name Meaning Name Meaning
Padma Goddess Lakshmi, Lotus Padmaja Lakshmi
Padmajai Born from lotus, Lakshmi Padmakali Lotus bud
Padmal Lotus Padmalaya Lake of lotuses
Padmalochana Lotuseyed Padmavati Goddess Lakshmi
Padmini Lotus Padmini Lotus pond
Pakhi Bird Pakshi Bird
Pallavi New leaves Pallavi New leaves
Pallavini With new leaves Panchali Draupadi's name
Pankaja Lotus Pankaja Lotus
Panna Emerald Parama The best
Parameshwari Goddess Durga Paramita Wisdom
Parbarti Surrender Pari Fairy
Pari Beauty, fairy Paridhi Realm
Parinita Expert Parnal Leafy
Parnashri Leafy beauty Parni Leafy
Parnik Creeper Parnika A small leaf, parvati
Parthivi Sita Parul Name of a flower
Parvani Full moon; a festival or a special day Parvati Durga
Parveen Star Patmanjari A raga
Patralekha A name from ancient epics Pavana Holy, sacred
Pavani Hanuman Payal Anklet
Payal Foot ornament Payoja Lotus
Phiroza Turquoise Phoolan Flower
Pia Beloved Piki Cuckoo
Pingala Lakshmi Pival A tree
Piyali A tree Pooja Worship
Pooja Prayer Poonam Merit
Poonam Full moon Poorbi Eastern
Poornima Full moon Poorvi A classical melody
Poushali Of the month Poush Prabha Lustrous
Prabha Light, glow, shine Prabhati Of the morning
Prachi East Prachi Morning
Pradeepta Glowing Pragati Progress
Pragati Progress Pragya Wisdom
Pragya Prowess Pragyaparamita Wise
Pragyawati A wise woman Prama Knowledge of truth
Pramada Woman Pramila One of Arjuna's wives
Pramiti Knowledge of truth Pranati Prayer
Prapti Gain Prarthana Prayer
Prashansa Prasie Prashanti Peace
Pratibha Krrn intellect Pratibha Talent
Pratigya Pledge, vow Pratima Image
Pratima Icon, idol, statue Pratishtha Preeminence
Preeti Love Prem Love
Prema Love Prema Love
Premala Loving Prerana Encouragement
Prerana Inspiration Preyasi Beloved
Prita Dear one Pritha Kunti, mother of Pandavas
Pritha Same as Kunti Priti Love
Pritika Dear one Pritikana An atom of love
Pritilata A creeper of love Priya Loved one, darling
Priya, Priyal Beloved Priyadarshini Lovely
Priyadarshini Delightful to look at Priyam Beloved
Priyamvada Sweet spoken Priyanka Dear one
Priyanka Beautiful or lovable act, symbol or body Priyasha Dear one
Puja Worship Puja Same as Pooja
Pujita Worshipped Puloma Wife of the sage Bhrigu
Punam, Poonam Full moon

Punarnava (a star)

Punita Pure, holy Punthali A doll
Purva elder Purva East
Purvaja Elder sister Pushpa Flower
Pushpanjali Flower offering Pushpita Decorated with flowers
Pusti Nourishment, endorsement Putul Doll

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