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22. 01. 2018
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Blending Oils in Aromatherapy


Base oils or Carrier oils re used as medium in which to dilute essential oils before applying to the skin. Base oils are normally pure vegetable oils (preferably unrefined or cold pressed) such as almond, olive oil or sunflower seed. Mineral oil (often available as 'Baby Oil') is derived from petroleum and should never be use as a base oil.

Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil is pale yellow with a delicate nutty odour and slightly sticky texture. It is non-irritant to most skin types and is easily absorbed by the skin (its specially good for itchy skin conditions).

Apricot Kernel Oil: An expensive light textured odourless oil used mainly in beauty care. Being light it is suitable for applying to the face and other areas of delicate skin.

Avocado Oil: A thick green oil when cold pressed, more vicious and pale yellow when heat extracted. It is highly penetrative and is excellent for dry & ageing skin. Because of its viscosity it should be blended (10-25%) with lighter base oil like almond.

Castor Oil: A thick sticky oil which is very beneficial for dry damaged hair. Again it needs to be blended with a light oil (10-20%).

Coconut oil: A light oil, traditionally used for dry skin and especially for skin and scalp treatments. Coconut oil is also a natural sunscreen known to block up to 20% of the suns harmful rays.

Corn oil: Is bright yellow color with a slightly sticky texture and faint odour. It contains useful quantities of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Evening primerose oil: Has an exceptionally fine texture & a faint musty odour. It is rich in Linoleic acid and also contains Gamma Linoleic Acid (GCA). It is excellent in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dry and ageing skin. Use upto 10-15% in a base oil.

Groundnut oil (also known as Peanut Oil): Has a pronounced nutty odour and sticky texture. It has a soothing effect on over heated skin & is excellent for after sun treatment.

Jojoba oil: A light highly penetrative oil which is actually a liquid wax. It has the same ingredients as the sebum on the skin. It is a balancing oil, good for treating acne & oily skin as well as dry & dehydrated skin.

Olive oil: Contains useful levels of the essential fatty acid alpha linoleic acid. It is particularly beneficial for treating rheumatism, aches & pains and dry or inflamed skin.

Sunflower oil: A light golden yellow with a slightly sweet, nutty odour oil. Cold pressed Sunflower oil contains Vitamins A,B, D & E. it makes an excellent massage oil base.

Wheatgerm oil: A thick and sticky orange brown hue colored oil with a strong earthy odour. It is extremely rich in Vitamin E. It is suitable for dry damaged ageing skin & will help to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It should be blended with a lighter base oil at dilution of 10-20%.

Mixing Massage Oils: Essential oils should be diluted at a rate of 0.5-3% depending on the odour intensity of the oil and the condition for which its being applied. (maximum 3 drops of essential oil in 1 tsp = 5ml of base oil).

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