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24. 05. 2018
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Daywise remedies (Totaka) in Lal Kitab

Sunday: This is the day of Sun and its lord is Sun. This day is very auspicious. This day is suitable for all kinds of auspicious deeds. If someone tries to seek affection at the breaking of the day on this day, he will definitely succeed. Journey towards east started on this day will be successful. Native born on this day will be lucky.

Use - Immerse rice and jaggery in running water (river) to exalt Sun, Eat rice and milk cooked with jaggery on this day. Immerse copper coin or any other coin in water. Donate wheat and jaggery wrapped in a red cloth.

Monday: This is the day of Moon. Its ruler planet is Moon. This day is suitable for all types of auspicious work. This day is auspicious for wedding, nomenclature, starting house construction, admission in school for education etc. Travelling from south to west will be successful. The native born on Monday will be gentle and noble.

Use - The native should eat kheer on this day and should don white clothes and white tilak if his Moon is debilitated. He should wear pearl in silver ring and should donate pearl.

Tuesday: This is the day of Mars and its ruler planet is Mars. It is auspicious in some ways and inauspicious in other ways. Buying and selling of house is approved but wearing or sewing new clothes is not auspicious. There will be no hurdle in undertaking journey towards east and south. The native born on Tuesday will be aggressive by nature.

Use - The person whose Mars is debilitated (Mars malefic) or is mangali should not use masoor dal (red pulse) and other objects of Mars for himself and should immerse rewari in the water. Distribute sweet bread (paratha) among children and monkeys. Visit Hanumanji's temple.

The person whose Mars is exalted should distribute prasad at the Hanuman temple and should accept it for himself. Carry a red handkerchief. Use and eat the objects of Mars.

Wednesday: This is the day of Mercury and its lord planet is Mercury. This day is believed to be auspicious. This day is auspicious to wear new clothes, to enter new house, to study and to cultivate land. There is no hurdle in travelling towards east or west. The native born on this day will be inclined towards religion.

Use - The person whose Mercury is debilitated should not eat whole moong and should not wear green coloured clothes. He should not keep wide-leaf plants, bamboo or items made of bamboo or grinding mill or its upper part on the roof of his house. Pierce nose and put silver in it for 100 days. Soak moong on Tuesday and feed it to animal on Wednesday morning.

The person whose Rahu is debilitated should not wear blue or black coloured clothes on this day. Always keep a square piece of silver in your pocket. Immerse coconut and almond in water. Immerse coin, barley, mustard and the objects of Rahu in water. Eat food of your choice.

Thursday: This is the day of Jupiter and its ruler planet is Jupiter. This day has been considered extremely auspicious. This day has been considered auspicious for all kinds of work. The jobs beginning on this day will be accomplished. The journeys undertaken on this day bring success. The native born on this day will be bright and virtuous.

Use - Donate yellow clothes to Brahmin to exalt Jupiter. Distribute curry and rice and eat it yourself. Immerse gram pulse and yellow objects in water. Carry yellow coloured handkerchief. Apply saffron or turmeric tilak on your forehead.

The person whose Ketu is debilitated should put gold in ears and should eat saffron. Offer the priest banana, wheat, gold, jaggery tied in yellow cloth. Apply tilak of yellow sandalwood. Donation of sesame and quilt to a saint also reduces the ill effect of Ketu.

Friday: This is the day of Venus and its ruler planet is Venus. This day has been considered favourable for all kinds of work. The work starting on this day will be auspicious. Journey on this day in the evening will be favourable. Native born on this day will be of romantic nature and will have a choosy outlook.

Use - Person with debilitated Venus should serve the cow. Offer curd, red maize (equal to his wife's weight or its tenth part) at the temple. Donate white silky clothes. Eat almond etc along with the objects of Saturn and eat it in order to exalt Venus. Boil potato and colour it yellow and feed it to the black cow. The person whose Saturn is debilitated should not use wine, black gram (urad), meat, egg etc; rather he should donate them. Donate black cloth on Saturday; feed pakoras fried in oil to the crows.

Saturday: This is the day of Saturn and its ruler planet is Saturn. It is considered absolutely inauspicious-planet. Wearing or sewing of new cloth is not advisable on this day.

Do not start any new work on this day nor should any journey be started. Native born on this day will generally be sickly.

Use - The person whose Rahu is debilitated should not wear blue or black coloured clothes on this day. Always keep a square piece of silver in your pocket. Immerse coconut and almond in water. Eat food of your choice.

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