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28. 06. 2017
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Number of Mystery - 7

Our materialistic systems of numbers 1 -9 are the base. Number 7 has some mystery attached to it like, the seven great or primary harmonies in music are the bases of all music, and again as the seven primary colours are the bases of all our combinations of colours. In passing, it may be remarked that all through the Bible and other sacred books, the 'seven,' whenever mentioned, always stands in relation to the spiritual or mysterious God force, and has a curious significance in this sense whenever employed.

For a few instances of this, take the seven days (or cycles) of the creation as referred to in Genesis:
The seven heavens, so often referred to.
The seven thrones.
The seven seals.
The seven churches. ..
The seven days' march round the walls of Jericho, when, on 'the seventh day,' the walls fell, before that mysterious God force symbolised in the number of seven.

It is also remarkable that there are exactly seven generations from David to the birth of Christ. In Revelation we read of the 'seven spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.' Ezekiel speaks of'The seven angels of the Lord that go to and fro through the whole earth,' which is believed to be a reference to the magnetic influences of the seven creative planets which radiate through the earth.

Again, we have the seven Spirits referred to in the Egyptian religion.

The seven Devas of the Hindus' Bible.
The seven Amschaspands of Persian faith.
The seven Angels of the Chaldeans.
The seven Sephiroth of the Hebrew Cabala.
The seven Archangels of Revelation, etc. etc.

Let us now take another view of this strange number. If we were to examine every class of occult teaching from the Hindu, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew, or modern school, whichever one may choose, in every case—and without a single exception—we shall find that the quality of the number 7 stands for the expression of that mysterious God force in Nature before referred to.

In the most ancient rules of occult philosophy we find the rule laid down that the number 7 is the only number capable of dividing 'the number of Eternity,' and continuing in itself as long as the number representing Eternity lasts, and yet, at every addition of itself producing the number 9, or in other words it produces the basic number on which all materialistic calculations are built and on which all human beings depend and the whole edifice of human thought finds expression.

Also read about number 9 also called Number of Finality.

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