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13. 12. 2017
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Lucky Number for the Days in the Month as per Astrology/Numerology

Speculations with astrology/numerology is a methodology to help you determine the best time to take a risk. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a winner every time, but you could increase your odds somewhat. Speculation involves the purchasing, holding, and selling of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, collectibles, real estate, derivatives or any precious thing to make a profit from the fluctuations in its price as different to buying it for profits.

Planetary transits and alignments are crucial, when taking note of speculations with the help of numerology. Fifth House is known as the House of Speculation. Those who look to take risks want to be influenced by this House. Planet Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, Luck and Good Fortune, is transiting your Fifth House, it's definitely the time to take a risk.

Depending on their alignment, other Planets can exert influences which should be monitored if you are thinking of taking a risk. Mars is the Planet of easy come, easy go, so be prepared if it's in your transit. Saturn won't yield great things, but it will allow you to stay in the game for awhile. Where Uranus is concerned, what you should expect is the unexpected. Neptune is associated with wild speculation, while lucky Pluto symbolizes the biggest gainer.

Another strong influence are the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), as they are quite risk-friendly. If you have the fire element strongly in your chart, you could hold a winning hand. Conversely, the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are the most risk-averse as they speak to hard work and keeping one's money.

With odds like this, gambling may not pay off in the end. It's your bet to make. We have provided some dates according to numerological studies providing some lucky numbers as per dates of month for speculation . We do not in any way promote or advise for gambling or speculation.


01-12-2017Friday8 5 1 9
03-12-2017Sunday6 5 6 4
04-12-2017Monday7 1 9 5
05-12-2017Tuesday2 8 1 7
06-12-2017Wednesday3 5 6 8
07-12-2017Thursday1 2 3 9
08-12-2017Friday2 8 1 7
09-12-2017Saturday5 9 6 8
10-12-2017Sunday8 1 3 4
11-12-2017Monday7 8 6 1
12-12-2017Tuesday5 4 8 6
13-12-2017Wednesday9 5 7 2
14-12-2017Thursday1 2 6 8
15-12-2017Friday8 6 1 5
16-12-2017Saturday1 3 9 7
17-12-2017Sunday5 2 8 1
18-12-2017Monday9 5 7 4
19-12-2017Tuesday8 1 3 9
20-12-2017Wednesday4 6 5 7
21-12-2017Thursday8 3 6 2
22-12-2017Friday5 4 7 1
23-12-2017Saturday9 7 5 8
24-12-2017Sunday2 1 6 3
25-12-2017Monday5 6 2 8
26-12-2017Tuesday1 8 3 5
27-12-2017Wednesday2 9 7 8
28-12-2017Thursday5 1 9 3
29-12-2017Friday1 6 7 5
30-12-2017Saturday4 5 7 8
02-12-2017Saturday7 6 4 5
31-12-2017Sunday4 5 7 8

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