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24. 08. 2017
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Ten Mukhi Rudraksha

Ruling Diety - Lord Maha Vishnu , Ruling Planet - No , Origin - Nepal , Indonesia

It has no ruling planets but represent Lord Mahvishnu the Great protector and Saviour of Mankind also called Satyanarayan, Anantnarayan, Lakshminarayan, Sheshnarayan and Dhruvnaryan. The wearer gets a sense of security. It is very powerful and can help overcome fears develop a sound mind. It can help a person enjoy the benefits of life attain happiness and success.
Lord Vishnu
It also safeguards you against evil influences around you and gives a secure and protective feeling. It represnets the 10 Avatars of Sri MahaVishnu/Narayana

1) Matsya Avatar (Fish)
2) Kurma Avatar (The Tortoise)
3) Varaha Avatar (The Boar)
4) Narasimha Avatar (Man Lion)
5) Vamana Avatar (Dwarf Priest)
6) Parasurama Avatar ( Rama with Axe)
7) Sri Rama Avatar( Perfect Man)
8) Sri BalaRama Avatar(Shesha)
9) Sri Krishna Avatar ( Uphold Dharma)
10) Sri Kalki Avatar ( Dark Age)

The wearer of this Rudraksh remains free of all the evil effects on inauspicious planets and all other evil spirits. It is helpful in all respiratory diseases if taken with milk in parts form. This is very helpful in chronic cough and asthama. Its wearer is protected from all type of attacks from weapons.

It has great importance in spiritual field. It helps in the cure of whooping cough.

Why is Lord Vishnu called Narayan-

As per a legend, water was born from the feet of Lord Vishnu. The name of Ganges River, ‘Vishnupadodki’ that came out from the feet of Lord Vishnu, Also, water is known as ‘Neer’ or ‘Nar’ and the place where Lord Vishnu stays is also water. Therefore, from ‘Nar’ his name Narayan is formed. This means, God living inside water. 

1. It protect the wearer from evil eyes.
2. It protects from the evil effects of souls.
3. It removes snake fear.
4. It is helpful in legal cases and fear of imprisonment.
5. It protect from all Maran, Mohan and Akal mrityu.
6. This rudraksha protects from all Tantrik Attacks.

How is it used ?

This is usually worn in right in the form of bracelets and or around the neck in red thread, silver, 5 mukhi rosary or Gold on any Monday .

It shall be worn on any monday morning. After morning rituals, it should be washed with ganga jal or panchamruit and worshipped and worn in Gold, silver or in red thread, while facing North or east. It can be worn with any other bead.

It is very effective if worn with Gemstone or Yantras. It should be worn only after being energized by its mantras.

Some Pendants / Malas at Astroshastra with 10 faced bead

- : Lakshmi Narayan Pendant
- : Tri Shakti Pendant
- : Power Pendant 4
- : Power Pendant 6
- : Surya Narayan Mala
- : Navgrah Kanth Siddh Rosary
- : Dhyan Kanth Siddh Rosary
- : Indrakshi Mala
- : Siddh Durga Mala

The rosary of five mukhi beads with 10 faced in centre should be taken in hands. Thereafter the following mantra should be recited 108 times then it should be worn. This should be worn in neck.



Ten Mukhi Rudraksh (Nepal Bead)
INR:4200   USD:66.67
10- mukhi Indonasion Beads
INR:900   USD:14.29
In Nepal Beads  In Indonesian Beads
10M pendant INR:4350   USD:69.05
Silver Pendant
 10M pendant INR:1050   USD:16.67
Silver Pendant
10M pendant INR:9200   USD:146.03
Gold Pendant
 10M pendant INR:7400   USD:117.46
Gold Pendant
10M pendant INR:4400   USD:69.84
5 Mukhi Bracelet
 10M pendant INR:1100   USD:17.46
5 Mukhi Bracelet
10M pendant INR:4550   USD:72.22
Crystal Bracelet
 10M pendant INR:1250   USD:19.84
Crystal Bracelet
10M pendant INR:4900   USD:77.78
5 Mukhi Rosary
 10M pendant INR:1600   USD:25.40
5 Mukhi Rosary
10M pendant INR:4900   USD:77.78
Rudra Lingam
 10M pendant INR:1250   USD:19.84
Rudra Lingam
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Testimonials @ Astroshastra
Date NameProductTestimonial
2016-03-30AarushiOne Mukhi rudraksha in Gold Pendant Its soo beautiful , i got my gold pendant and i m loving it.

2017-01-18Aarav MehtaParad Hanuman I received the Parad Hanuman Ji idol , its quite radiant and i appreciate your efforts in energizing the idol in my name. You are doing a great Job. Looking forward to buy more idols from you.

2015-04-05Raj MehtaKaam Dev Rudraksh Pendant I purchased on faith and i m happy that I trusted Astroshastra. I got the rudraksha pendant on time.

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