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24. 02. 2018
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Gauri Shanker Rudraksha

Gauri ShankerGauri Shanker Rudraksha
is the two beads joined naturally on top of each other, representing, Lord Shiva and Parvati. Two naturally joined Rudrakshas, called
Gauri Shankar and it is regarded as the Unified form of Shiva & Shakti. It makes the husband and wife identify each other. Therefore it is regarded the best thing for peace and comfort in the family. It is one of the most effective remedy for happy married life.
Gauri Shanker Rudraksh bead
If a man worships Gauri Shankar at his worshipping place, the pain and suffering and other earthly obstacles are destroyed and the peace and pleasure of family are increased. In today's world divorce cases and marital distrust is increasing rapidly. Faith, Love and compassion in relationship very important in any relationship. Wearing this energized bead by the couple makes them compassionate towards each other and subsequently the Love between them is increased.

According to Padma Puraana, a man obtains a lakh fold merit by seeing a Rudraksh bead, a crorefold merit by toucing it and ten crores of merit by wearing it on his body. Even if a man who does not engage himself in meditation holds a Rudraksh on his body , he becomes free from all sins, and obtains the highest position.

Those , because of some reasons are not getting married shall definately wear this rudraksha. It is one of the best and most effective remedy for getting married also. We have experienced with 98% results. Whether the delay is because of Manglik Dosha or Kaal sarp Dosha or Pitra Dosha , wearing this rudraksha negate the malific effect of Yoga and the marriage options get open for the wearer.
Gauri Shanker Rudraksha
Astroshastra would provide you best quality beads with high level of energises , which can be felt within some days of wearing the bead. We energizes the beads in your name before sending them to you so that you get the best results. Astroshastra has also tried to provide our valuable customers some best combination Pendants and Rosaries of Gauri Shanker Rudraksh in Gold and Silver to suits their needs.

It represents Lord Mahadev and his consort Goddess Parvati in true form. Blessings of Lord is always bestows on the wearer. It is belived that by keeping Gauri Shanker Rudraksh beneath th pillow of a person seeing horror dreams can have good sleep and will not be troubled by supernatural forces.

Gauri Shankar (Origin-Nepal)
INR:4800   USD:78.69
Gauri Sankar Indonesion Beads
INR:1200   USD:19.67
In Nepal Beads  In Indonesian Beads
gauri shanker INR:4950   USD:81.15
Silver Pendant
 gauri shanker INR:600   USD:9.84
Silver Pendant
gauri shanker INR:8400   USD:137.70
Gold Pendant
 gauri shanker INR:6950   USD:113.93
Gold Pendant
gauri shanker INR:4120   USD:67.54
5 Mukhi Bracelet
 gauri shanker INR:650   USD:10.66
5 Mukhi Bracelet
gauri shanker INR:4270   USD:70.00
Crystal Bracelet
 gauri shanker INR:800   USD:13.11
Crystal Bracelet
gauri shanker INR:4620   USD:75.74
5 Mukhi Rosary
 gauri shanker INR:1150   USD:18.85
5 Mukhi Rosary
gauri shanker INR:3900   USD:63.93
Rudra Lingam
 gauri shanker INR:650   USD:10.66
Rudra Lingam
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