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March 30, 2015
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 Red Coral
Red Coral
Red Coral is not a mineral. Coral is kind of organic substance. Coral gemstone is prepared by non-vertebrate sea organism which are called Isis Nobiles. Coral gem is found in the shape of vine branch at about 600-700 feet deep into the sea.... know more

 Yellow Sapphire
Yellow sapphire harmonizes and benefits Guru or Jupiter, the largest graha (planet) in the solar system. Yellow sapphire signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children,... know more..
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Red Coral
Red Coral
(3.80 Ratti approx.)

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Red Coral
Red Coral
(5.20 Ratti approx.)
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Diabetes is perhaps the disease of rich people. It is one of the chronic diseases. Diabetes mellitus is a disease state in which the body is unable to burn or manage the food intake. The main culprit is insulin. Insulin helps to burn the food or sugar and in absence of Insulin there is and accumulation of sugar in the blood.

The usual symptoms are unusual thirst, frequent urination, loss of weight despite increased appetite and food intake , weakness, drowsiness and often itching and boils. Diabetes can classified as a metabolic disorder where in body does not produce insulin which is essential to convert sugar into energy necessary for our daily routine.

Diabetes is characterized by the constant and high levels of blood glucose and are generally seen with people having excess body weight, who lack of exercise or people with family history of diabetes . The children of diabetic parents are more prone to diabetes, eveb stress and tension increase the likelihood of blood pressure and diabetes.

Diabetes increase the chances of High blood pressure and heart disease. It is adviced to take control of ones diet and excersie daily to negate the chances of developing Diabetes.

Astrologically defined planetary configuration causing diabetes ?
Astrology has also defined certain planetary configurations in the chart , which indicate the probability of Diabetes like presence of 2 or more malefic planets in watery sign i.e., Cancer , Scorpio, and Pisces cause diabetes. Malefic Planets include Saturn, Rahu, Sun, Ketu and Mars.

Sixth house in the horoscope is the house of diseases and also control kidneys and if there are 2 or more malefic planets as described above , there is a probability of developing Diabetes. If 6th Lord is situated in 8th house or the 8th Lord is placed in 6th house of horoscope does indicate Diabetes.

In 12 Rashis, Libra rashi is in 7th house and there 2 or more malefic planets are situated also indicates diabetes. The people Aries ascendant have Libra rashi in 7 house.

The two planets i.e. Moon and venus are watery planets and if they are afflicted by fiery planet like mars or the sun in watery sign of the horoscope, diabetes is indicated.

Astrologically, Diabetes can be cured by wearing two gems:
i.e Red coral and Yellow sapphire. There are certain rules for wearing the stone

1. The Gemstones shall be worn in silver.
2. Gemstones shall be energized by purification.
3. The Gemtones shall be worn in right hand.
4. Gemstones can be worn in a single pendant where Yellow Sapphire shall be fitted on the right hand side and Red Coral on the left hand side.

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Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
in Gold Pendant

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Red Coral in Silver Pendant : Size - 6.25 ratti (approx.) INR
Red Coral in Silver Pendant : Size -3.25 ratti (approx.)
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Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
(6.70 Caret)
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