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21. 04. 2018
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Combinations of sexual immorality/Adultery/over-sexed

I. Afflicted Sun in 7th.

2. Saturn, Mars, Moon in 7th.

3. Conjunction of Mars and Venus afflicted.

4. Lord of 9th in depression and afflicted.

5. Kethu in 9th from Karakamsa.

6. Lord of 7th in 2nd or 12th and afflicted.

7. Venus be in vargas of Mars and Saturn.

8. Venus be in 7th aspected by Mars or Saturn, or badly afflicted otherwise.

9. 9th lord in 12th; 12th lord in 2nd and a malefic in 3rd.

10. Mars in Venusian sign but in Saturn/Mars Navamsa and Venus in martian sign but in Saturn/Venus navamsa.

11. Saturn and 7th lord with a malefic in 2nd.

12. Lagnesh conjuncts 6th lord having Sambandha with malefics.

13. Venus in Aries, Taurus or Aquarius aspected by Mars.

14. Venus in Virgo or Cancer aspected by Saturn.

15. Lord of 7th with Rahu or Kethu aspected by a malefic.

16. Weak Moon with a malefic in 7th and 7th lord with malefic in lagna.

17. Conjunction of lords of 2, 7, 10 in 10th.

18. 7th lord in 4th while lagnesh in 1, 2 or 7th.

19. Lords of 2nd and 12th in 3rd aspected by 9th lord or Jupiter.

20. Strong sambandha between lords of 7 and 11th.

21. 9th lord in 7th and 7th lord in 4th.

22. Venus in Leo aspected by Mercury.

23. Venus in Gemini or Virgo aspected by Mars.

24. 2nd lord in Aries/Scorpio aspected/associated by Venus.

25. 10th lord in Aries/Scorpio with Venus or aspected by Saturn or Venus.

26. Saturn aspected by/associated with Venus in Aries/Scorpio.

27. Mars in 4th, Rahu in 7th and Sun Saturn together in any sign.

28. Rahu or Sun in 7th and Mars in 4th or 7th.

29. Lords of 1, 2 or 6th in 7th with a malefic.

30. Jupiter Mercury or Venus , Moon or Sun, Rahu or Saturn Rahu or Saturn, Kethu in 7th.

31. Lords of 6 and 7th in 9th with a malefic.

32. 3rd house badly afflicted and moon in the chart is very weak.

33. Head line drooping and heart line chained, (on the palm).

34- Mars link with all the three viz., 7th house, its lord and Venus.

35. Exchange between lords of 7 and 12th.

36. Mercury Venus in 7th seeks secret pleasures.

37. Mars Mercury Venus in 7th makes one extremely passionate.

38. Ven. in Aries makes one mentally passionate; in Scorpio physically passionate.

39. 7th lord conjoined with a malefic, or lagnesh conjoined with 6th lord makes one a profligate.

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