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Horoscope Reading - Get the Answer to your Question in 24 hrs

Get Answer to your Query within 24 hrs with Remedies

Horoscope Reading Service at Astroshastra, is an initiative to provide you Quick & Efficient Service, where we would give answer to your question within 24 hrs with the solutions and remedies to all your worries that will help you achieve peace, prosperity and success. No long Reports , Just Answer and Remedies for your Question from Astroshastra Experts.

Ask us the Query and our experts would analyse you Horoscope and give Answer by Email. If you have anything in mind, Don't wait. Provide us your Birthdetails and Query in the Form and we commit you to provide the Answer with Solution within 24 hrs.

Astrological study of Chart do reveal the timing of marriage, nature and physical characterstics of spouse. Whether you have a Question related to your Marriage like time of marriage, No marriage, unhappy married life , Divorce , Second marriage , Ask us .

Astrology and Medicine are intimately linked , the purpose of Medical Astrology is to give the planetary influences which cause the various diseases, affliction and accidents. If you appease the malefic planet in the Horoscope, diseases related to that planet is healed. If you have any Query related to your Health, Ask us.

There are Certain Yogas and Doshas present in the Horoscopes like , Guru Chandal Yoga, Gaj Kesari Yoga, Manglik Dosha , Kaal Sarp Dosha , Pitra Dosha, which have Positive and Negative effects on us. If the presence of any of the Doshas disturbing your life , Ask us for remedies.

This service would act as Personalized Horoscope Reading, where you can connect to our Astrologer through Email.

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