Father-son relationship
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Father-son relationship

A. Son becomes worthy of affection of his father, if: Son's lagna falls in a sign 2nd, 9th or 11th from father's rasi;

Father's lagna falls in a sign 11th from son's rasi',

Father's lagna is in a sign which, in son's chart, happens to be 5th, 9th, 11th from the sign containing lord of moon sign in son's chart;

Lagnesh in 9th or conjoins Sun or 9th lord; or

9th lord from lagna or rasi in 11th from lagna or rasi.

B. Son will cause sorrow to his father by his undesirable activities if son is born in any of the three nakshataras belonging to the 12th lord of father's rasi.

C. Son will be father's enemy if:

Son's lagna sign coincides with the 6th house from the rasi of father's chart; or

Son's nakshatara is any of the three nakshataras belonging to lord of 6th from father's rasi.

D. Son will redeem the debts of his father, if:

The lord of father's rasi is posited in the 12th house of son's horoscope; or

Lord of father's rasi conjoins lord of 12th of son's chart.