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20. 01. 2019
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Combinations of getting children

I) Lord of 5th in 5th or aspects 5th

2) Lords of 5th and 7th and lagnesh in lagna.

3) 5th house in a benefic sign and getting association/aspect of benefics.

4) Lord of 5th conjunct with a benefic in kendra/trikona.

5) 5th house, its lord or Jupiter possessing full strength and getting benefic sambandha.

6) Lords of 5th from lagna, Moon and Jupiter in good houses.

7) Lord of 5th conjuncts lagnesh and getting aspect of friendly planets.

8) Mutual exchange of lagnesh and lord of 5th.

9) Lagnesh in 5th with 5th lord and Jupiter strong.

10) Strong Jupiter in 5th aspected by lagnesh or lords of 2nd and 5th in 5th.

II) Sagittarius and Pisces as 5th house getting aspect of Jupiter.

12) Aries, Taurus or Cancer as 5th house wherein is posited a node.

13) Saturn or Sun or Mars in the 9th.

14) 5th lord exalted and Jupiter in lagna.

15) Venus, Mars and Moon in dual signs except Sagittarius.

16) Mars in Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces and getting aspect of Jupiter.

17) 5th house aspected by strong Venus, Mercury or Jupiter.

18) Venus in own house having sambandha with 5th house,5th lord or Jupiter.

19) 5th lord, Jupiter, Mars and Sun in male navamsas.

20) 11th lord in an kendra/trikona aspected by benefics.

21) 5th house in a fixed sign getting sambandha of benefics.

22) Rahu, Sun and Mercury in 5th conjunct or aspected by Jupiter.

23) Lagnesh or 5th lord in 1, 2 or 3rd.

24) 5th lord in 9th or 10th.

25) 5th lord in Cancer or associated with Moon or Venus.

26) Jupiter or Mars in 5th in Capricorn.

27) Sun in Leo in 5th.

28) Saturn in 5th in Aquarius.

29) Sun, Mars and Jup in 5th.

30) Moon in 6th and Sun in 12th.

31) 9th lord in 5th and Sat in 9th.

32) 5th lord in 5th and Saturn is either in 5th or 9th.

33) Rahu in 5th with aspect of benefic planets while Rahu's navamsa falls in a Saturnine sign.

34) Venus in 5th having sambandha with 5th and 9th lords.

35) Sun in 5th in Virgo aspected by friendly planets.

36) The following planetary positions in female charts indicate many children:-

(a) Mars, Saturn and Rahu in kendras/trkonas.

(b) Moon in 7th.

(c) Mercury, Jup and Venus all combined in any house.

(d) Lagnesh in the 7th, 7th lord in the 11th and 11th lord in the 5th.

37) The first born will be a daughter if:

(i) 5th lord is in the 7th;

(ii) 5th lord conjuncts 7th lord;

(iii) 5th lord is in signs 2, 4, 6 or 7;

(iv) 5th lord is conjunct with or aspected by Venus or Moon or Rahu.

The combinations from 15 to 30 gives first baby a male baby.

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