Late Marriage planetary Combination in the horoscope as per Indian Astrology
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Late Marriage Planetary combinations in horoscope

37. In Navansa Chart if lord of the Asc. or that of 7th house is combust, or if lord of the sign occupied by Moon in Navamsa Kundli is combust, it delays the settlement of married life.

A planet is said to be combust, if it is within a certain degree from Sun. For Moon it is 17°. Mercury 14°, Jupiter 11°, Venus 8° and Saturn at 15° from Sun

38. Saturn aspecting Jupiter in both the charts i.e. in birth-chart and the Navamsa chart, is not a favourable indication.

39. If lords of the 7th as well as that of 2nd house occupy Saturn's Sign i.e. Capricorn or Aquarius or are adversely aspected by Saturn, delay is to be there.

40. If luminaries i.e. Sun & Moon and also Venus are influenced by Saturn by being placed in Saturns's signs or in Constellations or even in Saturn's navamsa it does not favour early marriage.

41. Lords of 7th and 2nd houses if both placed in fixed signs and affected by malifics, may delay the marriage.

42. Conjunction or mutual aspect between Mars - Saturn Venus- Moon, Venus - Sun and Sun-Saturn, provided 7th house or 7th lord is involved, point to delayed marriage.

43. If the longitudinal distance between the Sun and the Venus is exactly 43°-20° and if Venus is either debilited or aspected or joined by Saturn, delays is warned.

44. Venus joined by Mars and aspected by Saturn may delay upto 30 years or beyond even.

45. Saturn is known for delaying marriage, but if it is favourable to the Ascendant or to the chart, being lord of benefic houses or Yoga Karka, and other factors for timely marriage are there, Saturn may not delay, but will give its effect when placed in 7th house in the form of a tall, oddish looking, religious, old fashioned, but hardworking and may be from a poor background, partner.

46. Rahu in 7th house may delay the marriage or may give an intercaste marriage or an unconventional alliance.

47. Venus and Moon, though both are benefic, but when they join in 7th house may delay or even deny marriages. In some cases it is reported to have delayed upto 40 years.

48. Venus in 4th house and Mercury in 6th house delay the marriage considerably. Some books report delay upto 34 years of age.

49. If a sign is occupied by a malific and a benefic planet and Mars and Saturn are in 7th house from that sign, marriage get delayed, or it may be a mis-match.

50. Venus in Scorpio, if under malefic influence, marriage may be illusive.

51. Ascendant, Moon, Sun and Venus placed in Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Saggitarius signs give late marriage

52. According to western system Sun in 7th house shows a desire for marriage and native is pre-occupied with spouse, but usually it is delayed marriage or some social disparities involved.

53. Jupiter is though a strong benefic, but when as lord of 7th house occupies 5th house, it delays the marriage even.

54. Jupiter in Saturnian sign Aquarius in 7th house, may delay or may give marriage in old age.

55.Venus when placed in Leo, a sign of Sun, may delay or deny. It is made worse if Saturn also happens to aspect such Venus. Venus in Leo or Cancer if between Sun & Moon delays marriage.

56. Conjunction of Sun, Saturn, & Venus is not considered to be good for marriage in time.

57. Moon placed in 6th house joined or aspected by Rahu or Saturn causes delay. An interesting case can be seen in Example 3-4, where birth charts of a couple are given. In both the charts Moon is placed in 6th house. In chart of husband it is joined by Ketu, whereas in that of wife it is with Saturn. They married in 2000 when husband was runnig 30th and the wife was in 28th.

58. Sun in Ascendant or 7th house may delay. Worse if it is sign or constellation of Saturn - or Saturn is in 7th house.

59. Jupiter in 12th house joined or aspected by Saturn delays it.

60. Venus placed in 2nd or 10th house with a malific and the lord of 7th house afflicted by malifics in Trines i.e. 5th or 9th delays marriage as per Jyotish Ratnakar. Continue Reading...

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