Marriage in Horoscope & Married Life in Horoscope as per Indian Astrology
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Marriage in Horoscope

Marriages are made in heaven and are celebrated on earth. There are certain things which are there in everyones mind like,
When will I get married?
How would be my married life ?
How would be my spouse ?
Do I have early or late marriage ?

Astrological study of birth chart reveals , the physical characterstics, mental aptitude or nature of sopuse, background of inlaws family, happy or troubled married life, joy or sorrow from progeny etc. We at Astroshastra tried to present the planetary combinations in horoscope responsible for early or late marriage , happy married life or strangled one.

There are many aspects in the life of an individual that decide how his life is going to be in the near future. In your life you must have come across to some point where you have thought that there are some divine forces that decide the fate of your life. And it is indeed a true fact that there are some forces and factors which are not visible but contribute to the destiny of people.

To know about these forces, sages and scholars of the ancient era developed various means to help people to get rid of the dilemma of future forecasting. Thus various means were discovered to know about the events and ceremonies that are going to take place in the near future. From the ancient times to the present times people have developed sources that have helped to know about the heavenly forces which play a vital role in deciding the direction of the life of an individual.

Astrology is one such means that is helping people to cater with the problems regarding their future. It deals with the study of stars and constellation and their impact on the Earth and lives of human beings. With the help of astrology an individual can have a slight idea about his future and can prepare himself to take some remedial measures regarding various aspects of his life. If you will talk about future you will find that most of the people are keen to know about their future. And why not a slight idea about the future can make you take decisive actions that can prove beneficial to your life.

In the present times astrology has evolved as a key tool that is helping people to deals with various aspects of an individual's life like marriage, career, business, property, children etc. If we talk about marriage of an individual then marriage astrology is providing many ways to people to get a better, compatible life partner. Marriage is the most important event that takes place in the life of an individual and it cannot be taken for granted. It is said that "marriages are made in heaven" and marriage astrology is that helping hand which is making it easy for people to find that life partner much more easily.

Marriage is not just tying the knot and taking oath to be with someone but rather it is a commitment, devotion, loyalty to be with someone in every phase of life and standing together in situations whether good or bad. So it becomes very important to know whether the person with whom one is marrying has the traits that can make the married life prosperous. Marriage astrology helps people to know whether their married life would be healthy and full of joy. It helps people by preparing their compatibility ratio and helps them to know their understanding and support level.

With the help of marriage astrology an individual can easily get an insight of his married life. Thus it helps people to know who will be the perfect soul mate for them who will make their life full of joy and prosperity.

Houses and Planets for Marriage

2nd house: Family-its growth and expansion.

4th house: Domestichappiness, comforts.

5th house: Children, love affairs.

7th house: Husband/wife; marriage, married life.

8th house: Sowmangalaya (female horoscope).

12th house: Bed comforts.

Venus: Karaka of wife, marriage, sex, governs eroticism.

Jupiter: Karaka of husband.

Mars: Karaka of husband, marital knot, sex.

Time of Marriage is also an important aspect , which is to be considered in Horoscope. Planetary aspect , planet present in the house responsible for marriage are to be considered for getting the right time of marriage. Dasa , Bhukti or Anterdasa are to be analysed for Time of Marriage .

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