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20. 01. 2019
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Indication of More Than One Marriages in horoscope

31. 2nd lord in 2nd may marry twice or thrice depending upon strength of 7th house. He may also be a childless as per 'How to Judge Horoscope'.

32. Ascendant lord or 7th lord in depression or occupying inimical sign Or is eclipsed in navamsa chart, can give two marriages.

33. 7th lord weak and malefics join 7th house. Similarly 2nd house weak and malefics join 2nd house

34. Venus in 6th, 8th or 12th with malefics may create such condition. In all these cases 2nd marriage is there.

35. Mars with Venus in 9th house.

36. Malefics in 7th and 8th houses and Mars in 12th house gives more than one wife if 7th lord is not aspecting 7th house.

37. Moon in 8th house in Gemini navamsa show remarriage.

38. Afflilicted Rahu is 2nd house also is said to create problem Rahu is afflicted by Saturn in 2nd house, and she has married twice already.

39. Sun in Taurus, when Aquarius rising in Ascendant.

40. Venus in earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) in 4th house one may have two wives of which one will be odd looking as per "Laal Kitab".

41. Rahu in 4th may give either a 2nd mother or a second spouse. It is also given that Rahu in 4th house gives only one daughter and this may trigger, in many persons the desire of 2nd marriage to get a son. Rahu in male sign is more capable of doing it. (Please See Example 12-5). She has got only one daughter alive. She has married twice.

42. Rahu in 5th house in Gemini, Leo as Virgo, may give more than one marriages.

43. Mars in 7th aspected by Saturn is a strong factor for disturbing marital peace and if it is not aspected by a benefic, may give more than one marriages.

44. Saturn in own signs (Capricorn or Aquarius) or in Mars sign (Aries or Scorpio) or in Virgo in 7th house may give 2nd marriage after divorcing first. In some books Varish (Taurus) is mentioned in place of Varischik (Scorpio).

45. Saturn in airy sign in 7th house, second marriage proves more useful. Airy signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

46. Venus in 8th' Mars in 9th, one may marry an already married person or one of much older or younger in age but gives no marriage pleasure.He has been divorced and thinking of second marriage and may be the next spouse be much younger to him.

47. Moon in 12th, and 12th lord aspected by Venus from a common sign. Mars also in similar situation points to not a happy married life and may create situation of the 2nd marriage.

48. A malefic and a benefic in 7th house.

49. Ascendant or Moon sign owned by Venus in the Trimsamsa of Saturn may give more than one marriage.

(Note Saturn's Trimsamsa in Taurus is 6-10 and in Libra is 21-25) In Example 19-9 Moon is in Libra at 23 i.e. in Saturn Trimsamsa. Divorce case is in final stage and may go for second marriage.

50. Venus exalted i.e. in Pisces or 7th lord exalted or 7th lord combine with 10th or 11th lord may give it May please see example 13-3 given at S.No. 20 above, Venus is in 8th in Pisces, joined by Jupiter in 8th house, He has been divorced, going for 2nd Marriage.

51. Jupiter in 2nd house may give more than one marriage, 2nd marriage occurring late as per "Phaladeepika".

52. Mars with Venus in 2nd, 4th, 7th 8th or 9th houses.

53. Mars with Ketu, joined or aspected by another malefics

54. As per Western System, Venus in Gemini may give two simultaneous relationship or one may fall in love with more than two persons at a time or two marriages.

55. Mars in Sagittarius indicates more than one marriage.

56. Jupiter in 7th house in its sign of debilition (i.e. Capricorn) may give two marriages. Even in Taurus it can.

57. Venus in Vargas (divisions) of Mars of Saturn i.e. Sign, navamsa, drekana, dasamsa etc.) and espected by either of them, is indication of loose moral and one may either have a liaison or parallel love affair even in married life.

58. Venus with Moon in 7th house is more than one marriage. Other wise also Venus and Moon in opposite or together are known to give more than one marriage.

59. Venus in Air signs (i.e. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) in 12th house can create this problem.

60. Venus in 10th influenced by Saturn and Rahu. Continue Reading...

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