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20. 01. 2019
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Planetary Combination of More Than One Marriages in horoscope

61. Ascendant, 2nd and 6th lords joint in 7th house and joined or aspected by malefics.

62. Malefics in 7th and 8th house, Mars placed in 12th more so if 12th lord is placed in invisible half which spreads from degree of Ascendant rising into the same degrees in 7th house as per Jyotish Ratnakar.

63. Moon opposite to Saturn, more than one marriage as per Mansagri.

64. 7th lord joins Saturn and Rahu may give even 3 marriages as per "Kaal Sarap Yoga" book.

65. If 10th lord joins Saturn in 10th house itself and if lord of the navamsa occupied by 10th lord also joins here and this combination is aspected by 7th lord, more than one marriages.

66. 12th lord and 2nd lord join in 3rd house aspected by Jupiter or 9th lord.

67. Jupiter in 10th house and Sun in 7th, more than one marriages. - "Laal Kitab".

68. Venus in 7th or aspecting 7th - Brihat Jataka.

69. Saturn as 2nd lord joins a malefic in 7th house.

70. Ascendant 7th lord, 7th house and Moon in common signs or in common signs in navamsa and two planets in 11th house and the 7th house having been occupied by such planets i.e. Mercury or Saturn may give more than one marriages as per "Parsana Marga-II".

71. If lord of Ascendant, that of Moon sign and the dispositor of Venus are strong and occupy favourable house i.e. own signs or signs of exaltion or friendly sign in Kendra or kona may give three marriages.

72. When 2nd and 7th house are afflicted and their lords are weak - more than two, even. In the chart in example 12-1 Saturn and Rahu in 2nd and 6th lord Moon in 7th. 2nd lord Jupiter is afflicted by Ketu, 7th lord Sun is debilited.

73. If lord of navamsa occupied by 7th lord is combust, debilited or in inimical sign or is aspected by malefics may give more than one marriage.

74. Malefics in Ascendant, 2nd and 7th house and 7th lord combust - may give even three marriages.

75. 7th lord and 2nd lord join Venus and malefics in 6th, 8th or 12th houses - 2nd marriage after death of Ist one as per "Ratnakar".

76. Ascendant lord in 12th house, 2nd lord with malefic-planets and malefics in 7th house also.

77. Ascendant lord exalted or in Mool Trikona or in good vargas in lagan itself - is considered a strong benefic ensuring many blessings to native, but gives many spouses. If it is in 8th or 12th it may be two only.

78. Karura Sign (i.e. sign of either Mars, or of Saturn or that of Sun) in 7th house, 7th lord debilited and malefics aspecting 7th house.

79. 9th lord in 7th and 7th lord in 4th more than one marriages.

80. Jupiter in either in own sign in navamsa or else exalted in navamsa chart (that is in Cancer) may give more than one marriage. Jatak Parijata mentions that Jupiter in friendly navamsa also can do that

81. 11th lord in 7th - more than one marriage and one is benefited by 2nd marriage.

82. More than one malefic in 2nd house, Ketu in 6th and 7th lord afflicted may give more than one marriage.

83. Number of spouses is given by number if planets joining or aspecting either Venus or 7th lord, or so many planets in 7th house and out of all these planets which are associated with 7th house & 7th lord, the number of malefics i.e. (Saturn Mars, Rahu) indicate the number of spouses that can be there according to "Jatak-Panjata".

84. 7th lord in sign of Saturn or Venus aspected by benefics give more than one marriage as per "Brihat Parsari Hora".

85. 7th lord weak or debilited or in malefic signs or with malefics and Saturn's or Mars's Navamsa in 7th house gives two marriages so says "Brihat Parsari Hora".

86. Mars, Saturn and Venus in 7th house, Ascendant lord in 8th house may give even three marriages "Brihat Parsari Hora".

87. Venus in dual sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) and lord of that sign either exalted or otherwise strong, may give more than one marriages.

88. Moon in 7th from Venus, 8th lord in 5th house and Mercury in 7th house may give upto three marriages.

89. Ascendant lord and 7th lord in either Ascendant or 7th are said to give two marriages as per "Jyotish Ratnakar".

90. Venus occupying 4th house in an earthy sign i.e. Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, may give more than one marriages.

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