Ovaries and uterus
Gandmool Dosha Gajkesari Yoga

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Planetry Ovaries and uterus

Houses 7th and 8th, their lords, Venus and Mars are considered for such ailments.

Combinations of ovaries and uterus ailments:

1. Mars in 7th aspected by Saturn.

2. Mars Saturn in 7th.

3. Venus in 7th. underpapakartari yoga.

4. Mars with a malefic in lagna or 6th.

5. Venus and 7th lord weak and afflicted.

6. Venus with Rahu in lagna or 7th.

7. Malefics in 7th when 7th house in navamsa falls in Aries or Scorpio sign.

8. Venus with a malefic while 7th lord is weak.

9. Lagna aspected by Saturn when navamsa lagna falls in Aries or Scorpio sign.


Afflictions to Moon and Mars, to the watery signs and to houses 4, 8 and 12th are to be considered The relation of Rahu to these must be considered