Foreign travel- Favourable and Unfavourable
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Foreign travel- Favourable and Unfavourable

(a) Yoga for foreign travel, if it is coupled with a rajayoga, gives favourable results, e.g.. , acquisition of wealth and vehicles, honour in foreign country etc.; otherwise, it will cause only 1c si of money, wasteful and aimless wandering, misery, etc. This distinction has to be made, becauiB there are some cases where the native has lost much money in foreign lands, and returned misera

(b) Residence in foreign countries is to be studied mainly from the 7th house, 7th lord arudB Saturn (the main karaka), while travel to a foreign country (e.g., study or lecture tour, etc.) is to sifl studied from the 12th house, the 12th lord and Saturn. Short or brief foreign travels can also taijj place in the dasa-antradasas of planets in mutual shashtashtaka positions.

(c) If the yoga for foreign travel or residence is not quite strong enough (due to various factors), in the relevant dasa antradasas, the journey may get cancelled due to some last minute hitch, or it may result in long journeys within the country.

(d) Lords of 3 and 9 and these planets if favourably disposed, mostly in moveable signs indicate far off travels. If majority of planets are in watery signs Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, or these form 3rd of 9th houses, foreign travel is indicated.

(e) Connection of 4th and 9th lords indicates foreign travel on account of higher studies o: teaching;

(f) Connection of 6th and 9th lords indicates foreign travel on account of official assignment or service;

(g) Connection of 5th, 7th and 9th lords indicates foreign travel on account of sight seeing, pleasure trips or honeymoon;

(h) Connection of 6th and 8th lords indicates foreign travel on account of running away due to political or criminal reasons.

(i) Connection of weak lagnesh, 6th and 9th lords indicate foreign travel on account of medica'. reasons, or treatment of illness.

(j) Connection of 5th, 7th and 9th lords with Jupiter indicates foreign travel on account of spiritual, religious or cultural mission.

(k) Connection of 5th, 7th and 9th lords with. Mercury indicates foreign travel on account of education, research, learning and writing.

(1) If the 11th lord or house is involved, the purpose will be to earn wealth.

Note: Combination of the 9th, 10th and 11th shows immense wealth and huge earnings in foreign land. The purpose may be advancement of business also.

(m) If 12th lord is in 12th having sambandha with Rahu.

(n) Rahu's influence on 12th house/lord gives foreign travel.

(o) If there is mutual exchange between 1st & 12th lords.

(p) Foreign travel should be judged from 8th (being house of banishment) house/lord and 12th house/lord also,

(q) Rahu in 8th with 8th lord also in 8th.

(r) Foreign settlement is not possible if 4th house is strong.

Residence abroad:

a. A strong connection between lagna lord and the 4th house or 4th lord shows foreign journey.

The 12th lord in the 4th residence in own country.

The 4th house or 4th lord influenced by the 12th house factors with the focus on the 12th makes the native spend a large part of his life overseas.

The lagna lord in the 12th lord in lagna is a strong factor showing residence abroad.

Find the 12th lord from the lagna lord (suppose lagna lord is in Taurus, the 12th lord would be Mars). If Venus as a friendly planet aspects such 12th lord which may be weak or combust, it would imply a remote place or insignificant town; if, however, 12th lord is otherwise strong, it could be a metropolis. If the planet is in an angle or in trine from lagna, the native will prosper in a foreign country.

f. The strength of the Moon should be considered first. If the Moon is weak, other planetary combinations will not materialize, the Moon represent long journeys. In the dasa and bhukti of the Moon or Venus with Rahu, foreign travel for pleasure, sightseeing or enjoyments is shown. Jupiter signifies journeys on account of higher educations, seminars, honour and literary pursuits.