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Astro Remedies

Astro remedies are the solutions provided to overcome the problematic situations arise due to planetary position in the horoscope. Astrology is the science which deals with cosmic influences of planets on the human beings. These influences are due to impact of gravitational cum electromagnetic forces thrown by various planets while moving around our solar system. The influence can be benefic or malefic. In Indian Astrology it include - Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra. However , Gem stones, Rudraksha , Herbs and fasts are also used to control the unfavorable phase. Astroshastra suggest the relevant Vedic astrological spells as per the stars in the horoscope. They enhance the positive aura and dispel the evil obstructions in the lives.

These are meant to ward off or mitigate the sufferings. They are required to offset or cancel the planetary afflictions. Some suggest for pacification of evil influences of planets, while some other prescribe for enhancement of benefic influence in order to keep the malefic influences under control.

Remedies to be Performed During Diwali

Remedies for Planets:

The Planets in the solar system impart significance impact on our lives, Position and movement of these bodies at the time of our birth influence our whole life. The planets and celestial points used in the horoscope according to Indian Astrology are listed below. We have also summarized the spells for these Nine Planets

Sun ------ Surya-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Moon ---- Chandra-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Mars ----- Angaraka-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Mercury - Budha-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Venus Shukra-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Jupiter -- Gurva-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Saturn -- Shanya-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Rahu ---- Rahuve-astottara-shata-nama-vali
Ketu ----- Ketva-astottara-shata-nama-vali

These are like medicines that should be applied sparingly and with caution. There are some people who are blindly use them thinking that like vitamins tablets, would cause no harm. One must always remember that these are like tranquilizers and excessive use of theirs may cause planetary imbalance in some other way. We suggest you to consult us before applying any remedy.

Alternate Remedies

1. White Magic Spells
2. Candle Spells and Candle Burning
3. Voodoo Doll Spells
4. Protection Talismans