Avoid Dried Flowers-80 Golden ways to Good luck, online at Astroshastra
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Avoid Dried Flowers

Plants are a useful source of Feng Shui. When used in an office or a home they create excellent yang energy and bring good luck into the home.

Fresh flowers can be displayed in the house, but as soon as they start drying or fading they should be removed or replaced with fresh ones. Fresh flowers symbolise life, whereas dried flowers symbolise death and give out yin energy. However precious a loved one may be, but still his dead body is not kept I the house. Similarly, anything that represents death or yin energy should not be kept inside the house.

Placing plants in the living room or dining room is better than plants placing them in the bedroom. But keeping plaets in the bedroom of a sick person is extremely good. Artificial i.e. plastic or silk flowers, can be used instead of fresh ones. Dry arrangement of flowers such as pot pourri, etc. should be avoided.