Buddh Purnima
shani sadesatti kaalsarp dosha

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Buddha Purnima

Purnima :- Bhagwan Buddhawas born at Lumbini near Nepal, attained enlightenment at Uruvela, near Bodh Gaya, in Bihar and finally moksha at Kusinagar, in the country of Mallas, now in Uttar Pradesh on the very same day, i.e., Vaisakh Purnima (the full moon day of Vaisakh April-May).

The association of the same day with three great events of Buddha's life has made it the most important festival of the Buddhist world. It is celebrated all over the world with immense piety, devotion and fervor. Special celebrations are held at places like Sarnath, Sanchi, Kusinagar and Bodh Gaya. In the Deer Park at Sarnath, near Varanasi, he for the first time preached and turned the Wheel of Dharma. At Sanchi some of his sacred remains are enshrined under a magnificent stupa. On this day images and portraits of Buddha are taken out in a procession. Devotees of Purnima recite and read the sacred scriptures, observe fast, worship Purnima at home and in temples, and practice charity.

We find that Buddha's teachings are more relevant today than they were before. He preached that this world is full of sorrows because of our attachment to things. Our sufferings are the direct result of our desires. According to him it is our desire that result in reincarnations and u ceaseless chain of rebirths, suffering, sickness, old age and death.

I Extinction of desire and attachment is essential for salvation, and the only way is to follow the Eight-fold Path Right Belief, Right Intention, right Word, Right Conduct, Right Living, Right Efforts, Right Thinking and Right Meditation. He underlined the importance of striking a balance between indulgence and asceticism, and it is what most of the people badly need today.