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SUN:- Sickness caused by the displacement of bile. Fevers arising from excessive heat, general weakness, heart diseases, stomach troubles, eye diseases, skin ruptures, gonorrhoea, wounds, burns, fits, falls, troubles arising from poison.

MOON:- Lethargy, sleepiness, indolence, diseases arising from excited kapha (Phelgm), dysentery, fevers arising from acute cold, boils, taste-lessness and indigestion, jaundice, mental debility, illness from impurity of blood, accidents in water, attacks by animals with horns and by aquatic creatures.

:- Thirst, impurity of blood and diseases arising there from, jaundice, fever, troubles from fire, weapons and poison; leprosy; eye troubles, fits of all kinds, diseases of marrow, beri-beri, itches and boils, diseases of the head.

MERCURY:- Aberration of mind; diseases of eyes, neck and nose, fever arising from the derangement of Vata (Air), Pitta and Kapha (Phlegm): skin diseases; white leprosy, itches and boils, falls from heights, poisoning and general debility.

JUPITER:- Gastric and Gas troubles, fever, morbidness, diseases arising from vitiated phlegm, ailments of ears, fainting, insensibility, diabetes, accidents from aeroplanes.

VENUS:- While leprosy, diseases arising from Vata and Kapha and from inordinate sexual connections, eye troubles, diabetes, urinary and venereal diseases, Gonorrhoea, leanness, lethargy, facial ailments, swellings and general weakness.

SATURN:- Rheumatic troubles of all kinds, diseases of the feet and stomach, morbidness, gastric and phlegmatic troubles, bruises from stones and trees and gaseous ailments.

RAHU:- Weakness and sickness of heart, leprosy, diseases due to poisoning, ailments of feet and all troubles difficult for diagnosing.

:- Cuts, wounds, ulcers, burns and those, listed under RAHU.