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Gaja-Kesari Yoga

Definition A Gaja-Kesari yoga is produced when Jupiter occupies a kendra (i.e., 1, 4, 7 or 10) position in relation to the Moon.


The above is a standard definition and we shall stick to this. Classics on astrology, however, tend to differ from each other here and there, and such views must also be considered as valuable clues to the interpretation of a yoga.

(1) According to the Jataka Parijata, if the Moon is aspected by the remaining benefics (Mercury, Jupiter and Venus), and if these participants in the yoga are neither debilitated nor combust, the resulting yoga is again referred to as the 'Gaja- Kesari'.

(2) The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra considers that this yoga forms if Jupiter is located in a kendra from the Moon or the lagna. An added stipulation is that such a Jupiter should be aspected by or associated with benefics and be not combust or debilitated or placed in the sixth house.

(3) It is obvious from the foregoing that while a Gaja-Kesari yoga forms by a mutual kendra position of the Moon and Jupiter, additional benefic factors influence the outcome of the yoga favourably. This yoga is of frequent occurrence in horoscopic charts and must be interpreted carefully.


One born in a Gaja-Kesari yoga is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.


The Gaja-Kesari yoga is supposed to usher a king in the world. It is a yoga which tends to confer lasting fame on the native and, therefore, produces natives who create history. If all this were literally true, however, the world would be crowded with the kings.It will be seen in practice that this yoga is also present in very ordinary horoscopes with their natives living in obscurity and penury.This suggests that the results attributed to this yoga in the classical literature need to be applied extremely cautiously. There are certain important factors which need to be considered before an inference is drawn about the likely results that will accrue from a Gaja- Kesari yoga .