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Factors influencing Gaja-Kesari Yoga

Other Factors Influencing the Results of a Gaja-Kesari Besides the actual placement of Jupiter in relation to the Moon, there are other factors of importance which materially influence the outcome of a Gaja-Kesari yoga in the horoscopic chart. Some of these are mentioned below.

Condition of the Moon and Jupiter:

For a Gaja-Kesari yoga to manifest effectively, both the Moon and Jupiter must be strong. If the two constituent planets are weak or debilitated, or under malefic aspect or association, the yoga loses much of its sheen. It must be remembered that the Moon owns the sign Karka and is exalted in Vrisha. Jupiter owns the two signs Dhanu and Meena, and is exalted in Karka. The Gaja-Kesari yoga cannot form with both the constituent planets in their exaltation or in their own houses, since when the Moon is exalted, Jupiter's exaltation sign doesn't fall in a kendra from the Moon.

When the latter is in its own sign, Jupiter's signs do not fall in kendras from there. The best form of a Gaja-Kesari yoga is a Moon- Jupiter conjunction occurring in the sign Karka which is the Moon's own sign, and the exaltation sign of Jupiter. Both the Moon and Jupiter are very strong in Karka.The formation of the Gaja-Kesari yoga by Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the sign Karka, in the fifth house of the horoscope. The native is learned, intelligent, and pursues a highly dignified profession.

An exalted tenth lord in the fifth house participating in a Gaja-Kesari yoga by conjunction with the Moon in its own house ensured a very high quality of professional training. There is the aspect of an exalted twelfth lord from the eighth house, on the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the fifth; the native has obtained some higher professional training abroad. The close association of Saturn with the eighth lord in the eighth house, and its aspect on the tenth house as well as the tenth lord, has, however, resulted in frequent changes of place in pursuit of professional excellence.

The native is also a student of astrology, thanks to a strong Jupiter in the fifth house and its aspect on Mercury in the ninth house. Additionally, the native has Meena lagna (a watery sign), aspected by its exalted retrograde lord in Karka (another watery sign), and this Jupiter retains its influence on the lagna in the Navamsha also. He is fair complexioned, and very obese. House 4 House 7 Lagna House 5 Houses 5, 9, 12