Gemini Sunsign, Mithun Rashi - Characterstics, Remedies for Gemini
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Gemini Sunsign in the Horoscope

It is third sign of Zodiac and extends from 60 to 90 degrees. It is Airy, common, masculine, positive and a barren sign. The sign is ruled by Mercury. No planet gets either exaltation or debilitation in this sign. Jupiter here is in its detriment sign. Saturn and Venus in friendly house, where as other planets are considered to be in enemy's house.

The symbol is a man with a club and a woman with a lute in clasp. The cause is Baiyu and Guna is Sattva. The lord is Mercury. It represents uncommon power to grasp thoughts on ideas of others and redeliver the same. Like air, it has flexibility and quality but has also sharpness and power to penetrate into any field of intellect through a peep hole. The main ideas contained in the sign are mental power, vigour, intelligence, memory, products of intelligence, reasons, thoughts, opinion and presence of mind. Also flexibility, hesitation, doubt, uncertainty, two fold manners having two folds meaning and double purpose Gemini being a dual sign.

Physical Features. It born persons are tall, upright, slender, quick. Thin legs and visible veins. Moderate complexion, long arms, face, nose and chin. Hazel or grey eyes and look quick sharp and active and dark hair usually brown.

Mental Tendencies. Quick in grasping, learning and acquiring a good education. Lovely and quick witted, sometimes shy or retiring humane, good disposition, but nervous and restless. Admirer of music, dance, drawing, painting, travel and inventions.

Personality. No one can do better things successfully and gracefully than it, but the weakness is, they should have deliberate determination to do their work and stick to its completion. They lack concentration and quick decision.

They are ambitious, aspiring, curious to know the results of their efforts immediately. Argumentative, engaged in two or more pursuits at a time. Fond of mental recreations. At times they are restless, anxious, highly strung and diffusive, mentally timid, indecisive and excitable. Love, change and diversity in all spheres to life. They are good advisors and can be relied only in the case of emergency. They are very clever as they are progressive, energetic, inventive, mechanical, ingenious and have retentive power. They refuse to be bound by rules.

These can prove good detectives, journalists and an excellent schemer. If Mercury is retrograde at birth, they will prefer to side-step the truth and enjoy a good joke.

They are subject to lot of changes in their life. Enjoy the life to the maximum and suffer continuous misfortunes under the influence of opposite sex and disagreement with the father and family disputes arise. Troubles from progney. Capable of making friendship very quickly but such relations die due to their fault finding nature. The more the romance, more happy they will be. They should only marry with person born in Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo having as their ascendants.

Weakness. The Geminians lack in concentration and quick decision. They should not give themselves upto a petty strife. Always hasty and anxious to know the results of their efforts then and there. They want only short cuts, are able to carry out work quickly adopting improved methods. Events will move faster in their life than others. They should give up curious traits hastening others.

Advice. They should take rest, take plenty of exercise, fresh air breathing, eat conservatively and cultivate physical and mental peace.

Health and Diseases. These spoil their health through unnecessary and unavoidable worry and anxiety. So they should avoid mental strain, their health will be normally good. Do not overtax yourself by large variety or overwork. By rest and good sleep he can maintain his health.

It rules over lungs, shoulders and Arms. Plumonary affections, cold running of nose, influenza, pleurisy, bronchitis, T.B. all are the possible diseases which can afflict him. When it is afflicted defects in shoulders and arms is indicated. Piles, fistula, bladder and kidney afflictions are also denoted.

Finance. There will be lot of changes in their life. They will enjoy the life with a good fortune and suffer continuous misfortune experiencing both privation and plenty. Family disputes and disagreement with father. They will bring their downfall themselves by their secret love affairs if Mars, Saturn and Venus afflict they also contribute and such attachments will bring loss and difficulties. Some may have progney through such connections which will be perenial source of trouble and headache to them.

Romance and Marriage. It is a dual sign, so the natives will feel that variety is the spice of life. They make quick friendship and find fault quickly and often lose them, so they cannot find a friend to their satisfaction even though they long for it. They cannot be understood easily but romance for them is the source of most happiness. Their affection is controlled by the mind than by the emotions. They are calculating and cynical in love. They are flirts by nature.

In case the partner of Geminian is equally intelligent they will enjoy the married life otherwise bickerings and separation may follow. Many short journeys in life are indicated.

Ladies are very intelligent and seek mental companionship and do not wish to be a mere house keeper. After marriage, they do not want to give up their outside activities. They cannot tolerate any resentment by the partner against their wish. They should be more tactful for getting happy life. These ladies can not be easily imposed upon, for it they like to earn by outside work, lliey may negleet the husband, or if they want to be house wife, they will leave their career. They are highly refined and keep their homes tidy and clean.

Husbands Such persons want "YES WIFE". The partners should not take their flirtations seriously if they want peace and harmony at home. Such people can put an brupt end to the romance if they feel, it is a source of expense and loss, and cannot tolerate overbearing wives and may leave home as they are unable to put up with constant pressure for the partner.

Ideal Match. These are best suited for Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo born people. These combination can lead to happy and favourable life.

Domestic Environments. It feel delight in entertaining business partners, friends, relatives and customers. They are a bit extravagant. Keen for keeping the home at a medium level. They often change their residence. Being Mercurians they cannot remain idle mentally or physically. Generally they are fair. Quite hospitable and generally of adjusting nature. Though fond of children yet give less parental care and need careful handling.

Professions. These have interest in varied jobs as they are active, alert and industrious. As they are intelligent, humorous, and good speakers and will come eventually before the public. So the best professions for them are brokers, intelligent agents, successful businessman, secretaries and efficient advocates. A good convincing power is one of their attributes and may lead in journalism. They like to travel from place to place and have varied professions and are successful travelling agents and jobs Connected with it.

They can find ways and new methods of earnings and will have dual source of income in life. But they are advised to be more economical as they will be having a regular income.

Lucky Days Monday, Thursday, Wednesday and Friday are favourable days, Tuesday and Saturday are days of worries, difficulties and loss. Sunday good for short journeys and routine work.

The vibrated numbers are 7 and 3, attractive 5, 6 and 9, positive numbers are 1,2 whereas disagree numbers are 4 and 8.

Lucky and favourable colours are yellow, purple, blue, green and pink. Avoid red and black.

Day of fast is full Moon day.

Lucky stones are Emerald and Yellow Sapphire which should be used in Gold of 3,5,7 or 10 Carats in 4th finger of right hand on Wednesday morning after offering prayers. But when Mercury is unfavourable or in fall, one should use Emerald and Ruby in Gold to reduce or mitigate the evil effects.