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Many people doubt whether gems can help solve human problems. The reason for this thinking is quite obvious. Precious and good quality gems are expensive. To set them in a gold ring is even more expensive. Therefore, anyone who wishes to invest such huge sums in gems would like to know if they can really help advance one's prosperity, health, business interests etc.

The Need for Gems The planetary positions at birth can give good or adverse results either during their major period and sub-period or transit periods. Sometimes they give results throughout life like when there is a Gajakesari Yoga or Nabasa, Daridra Yoga etc. Suppose a native has an adverse Yoga like the ninth lord in the 6th or 12th house then whatever he may do, it may end in loss or failure. A student may have the fourth lord in a bad house, then his education will not be so smooth. One has a weak Ascendant lord or a cruel planet in the Ascendant. So he may suffer ill-health most of the time. In such situations it is necessary to counteract the weak planets by the right and proper use of Gems through correct astrological advice.

Types of Gems Gems are of two types, precious and semi-precious. Precious gems naturally cost more. Semi-precious gems are not so costly and one can easily afford them. In Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra the remedial measures like donation of cow, gold etc., at the end of Mrityunjaya Japa Sivasahasranama etc., have been recommended. (,ems are quite handy to those who cannot afford to give away in charity expensive items like cows and gold. A rich person can use diamonds, rubies and star sapphires. While an ordinary person can use white coral or white zircon with the same results. I'he result will not depend on whether the gem is costly or not, but entirely on whether it is for a good lord or not based on the Ascendant. The gem purely based on the sign will not be so effective because hundreds of persons are born on the same day when the Moon will be more or less in the same sign. The Ascendant on the other hand will change every four minutes. However, the weight of the gems should be more than three carats (carat = 200 miligrams). A diamond should be atleast one half carat. In a Navaratna set, the gems may be smaller in size, with the original diamond or zircon.